What do a bullet train, a hunter and summer camp have in common? Nothing, on a normal day, but they’re all at the heart of the films in this week’s Showtime.

Sandra Bullock (as Maria Beetle): “Deer Creek International Business Relations, how can I help you?”

Brad Pitt (as Ladybug): “I am ready!”

Sandra Bullock (as Maria Beetle): “Well, that’s good, Ladybug.”

Brad Pitt (as Ladybug): “Ladybug?”

Sandra Bullock (as Maria Beetle): “Your new operational name.”

In “Bullet Train,” Ladybug, aka Brad Pitt, is a trained killer, but he’s over that life and wants a fresh start.

But when his handler, played by Sandra Bullock, pulls him in for one last job, he realizes he’s not the only assassin on the train.

Amber Midthunder (as Naru): “It knows how to hunt. I know how to survive.”

What happens when the hunter becomes the hunted? Well, it’s a fight for survival.

In “Prey,” Hulu’s prequel to the “Predator” films, a skilled warrior in the 1700s, played by Amber Midthunder, has to learn to fight against an alien with weapons she’s never seen before.

Kevin Bacon (as Owen Whistler): “This is a safe space, for everyone!”

Camp is supposed to be fun, but in “They/Them,” a group of LGBTQ people are sent to a gay conversion camp, the total opposite of a good time.

And, if things couldn’t get any worse, there’s a killer on the loose, The movie stars Kevin Bacon and Anna Chlumsky.

Jo Koy (as Jo Koy): “Easter Sunday is the Filipino Super Bowl.”

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “There he is. There’s my puya.”

Elena Juatco (as Regina): “Welcome home, bro. See you tonight, OK?”

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “I just got here.”

Jo Koy’s got to keep his Filipino family together in time for a holiday dinner in “Easter Sunday.” Between a cousin who’s running from a loan shark and the feud between his mom and aunt, that’s a lot to ask.

Jo Koy (as Joe Valencia): “Did you really have to wear the same dress as my mom?”

Tia Carrere (as Tita Theresa): “Oh, I can’t help it if I wear it better?”

Lydia Gaston (as Susan): “This is war.”

Tia Carrere (as Tita Theresa): “Oops.”

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