One couple takes a chance on love. Another takes on alien invaders. You’ve got a couple of dynamite movies coming your way this weekend. Here’s a taste of both of them, in this week’s Showtime.

Keke Palmer (as Emerald Haywood): “Bo, what’d you see?”

Daniel Kaluuya (as OJ Haywood): “Something above the clouds, that’s big.”

Keke Palmer (as Emerald Haywood): “How big?”

Daniel Kaluuya (as OJ Haywood): “Big.”

Director Jordan Peele is about to scare the heck out of us again.

His latest fright film, “Nope,” is the story of a brother and sister trying to capture video of a spaceship hovering over their farm. It’s not as easy as it sounds.

Keke Palmer: “I just felt like the scale of this film, both story-wise and visually, was just, I mean, unbelievable.”

Daniel Kaluuya: “Everything about it was bigger, but we still care about the intimate characters and the relationships within them.”

Eva Reign (as Kelsa): “I hate it when people say I’m brave. ‘You’re transitioning so young, I just want to tell you how brave you are.'”

Abubakr Ali (as Khal): “It’s not that brave if you’re just being who you are.”

Senior year in high school takes a very interesting turn in “Anything’s Possible,” when a trans girl falls for a really cute guy. The teen rom-com shines a brand new light on first love.

Eva Reign: “Working on this film was kind of a chance for me to be the hero that I was searching for growing up.”

Eva Reign (as Kelsa): “For the first time in my life, I’m actually excited about what’s to come. I truly feel anything’s possible.”

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