This week’s Showtime is here with ideas for you and dear old Dad. It’s Father’s Day weekend, and you might think a movie doesn’t really cut it as a Father’s Day gift but, my Deco peeps, hear this. For some dads, there’s no finer gift than two hours where no one is asking about their feelings.

Daryl McCormack (as Leo Grande): “I’m Leo. You must be Nancy. May I come inside?”

Emma Thompson (as Nancy Stokes): “Yes!”

Nancy Stokes knows what she wants, and she’s taking matters into her own hands.

Emma Thompson prioritizes an older woman’s pleasure in “Good Luck to You, Leo Grande.” The Hulu release is about a woman yearning for a deep connection of the most gratifying kind.

David Earl (as Brian): “I never thought I’d make something as amazing as Charles.”

Chris Hayward (as Charles): “You built my body.”

David Earl (as Brian): “I built his body!”

“Brian and Charles” is a story about an unconventional friendship.

Alone, depressed and practically in the middle of nowhere, Brian sets out to make the perfect companion: a robot. No one is more surprised than Brian when it actually works out.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers (as Robert): “Watch out! I think we hit something.”

A good night turns deadly in “The Good Neighbor.”

Two new friends are bonded by a dark secret, possibly forever, if Jonathan Rhys Meyers has his way. He’s a man obsessed with burying the past and keeping his friend all to himself.

Michael McKean (as Howard): “To Jerry. Not everybody can pull off 42 years without getting fired.”

Jerry’s Boss: “Jerry, you don’t have to work so hard. You’re retiring!”

Bryan Cranston (as Jerry): “I don’t have to be.”

Jerry’s Boss: “These are your golden years.”

Life after retirement is rough, but in “Jerry and Marge Go Large,” Bryan Cranston and Annette Bening are determined to figure it out.

The pair are professional lottery players and want to win it all.

Adria Arjona (as Sofia Herrera): “I’m engaged!”

Gloria Estefan (as Herrera): “Oooh, my God.”

Adria Arjona (as Sofia Herrera): “And I proposed.”

Ruben Rabasa (as Tio Walter): “Wow, you proposed?”

Andy Garcia (as Herrera): “Hold on. You proposed?”

Life goes by so fast. One moment she’s daddy’s little girl, and the next, she’s getting married.

In “Father of the Bride,” Andy Garcia and Gloria Estefan don’t have much time to adjust to their daughter’s nuptials.

Gloria Estefan (as Herrera): “We’re supposed to play the perfect family until Sophie get’s married.”

Andy Garcia (as Herrera): “Or we could say, ‘Sorry to spoil your happiness, but we’re getting a divorce. Mazel tov!'”

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