There’s a fresh batch of movies out this week, and they’re steaming hot. There’s a movie based a on story that sounds too crazy to be true, and two are remakes of classic hits. Time to check out this week’s Showtime.

Shannon McDonough (as Mrs. Livesy): “Please, I can help you!”

Ryan Kiera Armstrong (as Charlie McGee): “Liar, liar, pants on fire.”

Things are heating up in “Firestarter.” Zac Efron stars in this Stephen King story.

People are after a young girl ’cause she can start fires with her mind. Her dad, played by Zac, will do anything to protect her.

“Firestarter” is a remake of a hit 1984 film, and it’s just as hot as ever.

Colin Firth (as Ewen Montagu): “We have to convince Germany that our target is Greece. The plan begins in Spain, where a corpse will wash up on shore carrying classified letters.”

Jason Isaacs (as Admiral John Godfrey): “A corpse carrying fake documents.”

Dead men tell no lies, but in “Operation Mincemeat,” they’re used to throw off the Nazis.

The movie is based on a true story. During World War II, the British tried to fake out Hitler by using a dead body carrying bad intel.

Sounds weird, but it worked. It was up to a British commander, played by Colin Firth, to make sure the plan went off without a hitch.

Shiloh Fernandez (as Ben Saunders): “Hello, Ms. Carlyle?”

Ashley Benson (as Kathryn Carlyle): “Missus.”

Shiloh Fernandez (as Ben Saunders): “Ben Saunders, gardener extraordinaire, ready to get started.”

Ashley Benson gets mixed up with the wrong guy in “Private Property.” She plays a bored housewife who starts hooking up with her gardener.

But the lawn guy has a dark side. The film is a modern remake of a 1960 movie.

Rebel Wilson (as Stephanie): “I think there’s been a mistake, and I’ve been put in the wrong room.”

Lauren Halperin (as Nurse): “Dr. Jensen to the third floor. The cheerleader just woke up.”

Let’s hear it for Rebel Wilson and her movie “Senior Year.”

Wilson is a former high school cheerleader who’s been in a coma for 20 years. She wakes up, and she actually wants to make up for lost time.

So she heads back to high school to get the prom queen title she missed out on two decades ago.

Rebel Wilson (as Stephanie): “I’m going to do something I wish I had the confidence to do 20 years ago: being my real self.”

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