Suck it, Santa. You’ll find no holiday cheer here. It’s one big Hollywood humbug in this week’s Showtime.

Benedict Cumberbatch (as Phil Burbank): “What you doing, getting mixed up with her?”

Jesse Plemons (as George Burbank): “You are marvelous, Rose.”

Saddle up, cowboys. “The Power of the Dog” stars Benedict Cumberbatch as a wealthy ranch owner who isn’t so keen on his new sister-in-law, played by Kirsten Dunst.

Making things worse, he’s a bad influence on Kirsten’s son, played by Kodi Smit-McPhee.

It’s a must-see, Certified Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Riz Ahmed (as Malik Khan): “Y’all ever heard of the Three Musketeers? Toughest soldiers there ever was. They could survive anything ’cause they stuck together.”

Riz Ahmed is a man on the run in Amazon’s “Encounter.” The actor plays a decorated Marine who embarks on a rescue mission to save his sons from a mysterious threat.

But things aren’t what they seem. “Encounter” is worth checking out; it’s Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes.

Lily Rose Depp (as Wildcat): “They say the wolf and the wildcat are natural enemies, but they’re wrong.”

It’s all about animal attraction in “Wolf.” George MacKay thinks he’s a wolf trapped in a man’s body.

Lily Rose Depp is Wildcat. She thinks there’s a cat trapped inside her. The two end up at a therapy clinic and fall in love.

Consider yourself warned: Rotten Tomatoes says it’s Rotten.

Nick Thune (as Anti): “A mix tape is a message from the maker to the listener.”

Before streaming playlists, mix tapes were all the rage. “Mixtape,” staring Julie Bowen, is about a 12-year old who finds a tape made by her late parents. She thinks the chosen songs will help her learn more about her mom and dad.

See it at your own risk. It doesn’t have a Rotten Tomatoes score.

Cam Gigandet: “You backing up, sonny, or what?”

Brock Harris (as Billy): “No, you are.”

Westerns must be a thing this week. Academy Award nominee Bruce Dern is locked and loaded in “Last Shoot Out.”

A newlywed finds out her husband had her father killed. She turns to a gunman and his crew for help.

Y’all best beware. Rotten Tomatoes hasn’t given it a rating yet.

Bruce Dern: “Go kill every goddamn one of them.”

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