Good guys, bad guys, animated animals and a pair of lost lovers. Sounds like South Beach on a Friday night, but it’s really this week’s Showtime. Hit it!

Jodie Comer (as Marguerite): “I spoke the truth!”

It’s Matt Damon versus Adam Driver in the medieval movie “The Last Duel.” Ridley Scott’s period drama tells the true story of a woman in the 1300s who says Adam’s character assaulted her.

But when her husband, played by Matt, risks his life in France’s last legal duel to the death, don’t think it’s selfless.

Jodie Comer: “They’re ruled by their ego and their power, and then you see how that’s questioned in Marguerite’s story.”

Sebastián Villalobos (as Nachi, voice)): “You’re evil.”

Sofia Vergara (as Zaina, voice): “Evil, attractive, and in charge.”

Evaluna Montaner (as Xochi, voice): “Whoa, someone’s got issues.”

Get ready for a wild time. “Koati” is about a group of animals who embark on an epic adventure to save their rainforest from being destroyed.

But to do that, they’ll have to get through an evil, power-hungry coral snake, voiced by Sofia Vergara. Easier said than done.

Sophia Bush (as Carla): “Once again, you have no idea what you are talking about. You don’t remember?”

Michael Dorman (as Jesse): “Stop.”

Just because you break up, doesn’t mean you don’t still love each other.

In “Hard Luck Love Song,” a couple tries to get past their own weaknesses to revive their old romance.

Judy Greer (as Karen): “You wanna kill someone? Take me!”

Jamie Lee Curtis (as Laurie Strode): “Michael!”

The boogeyman is back in “Halloween Kills.”

After Michael escapes a fire from the 2018 movie, he makes his way back home, leaving a trail of blood, but this time, Laurie Strode has more help than ever.

Jamie Lee Curtis: “Laurie is wounded, and her daughter and granddaughter have to take up the mantle, but they are met with a whole group of people from the town, so it’s a lot about collateral damage.”

Jamie Lee Curtis (as Laurie Strode): “I want to take the mask off and see the life leave his eyes.”

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