Remorse buy happens to all of us, but at one event you can forget all that shame. Mana Fashion is calling for all conscious shoppers and drop some cash — guilt free. This weekend in Wynwood, you can expand your wardrobe and make a positive impact at the same time.

Sharing clothes is certainly one way to be sustainable, but at the Mana Fashion Ethical Pop Up shopping event, there are many ways to feel good about spending money.

Aleksandra Sivokoneva: “Mana Fashion is committed to support ethical and sustainable brands. Vendors participating in this bazaar, they’re artists, they’re designers, they’re brands that have sustainability in their business models.”

Eighty local and international brands will showcase their stuff — all trying to do good with waste.

Aleksandra Sivokoneva: “Some of the brands, they focus on materials that are eco-friendly, so they are not as harmful. Maybe they are regenerated, repurposed.”

Creating wearable art and magical pieces are the motivation for Valeria.

Valeria Krasavina: “I make these one-of-a-kind, very special pieces. I create these designs, dresses and tops out of tulle, but most of them, they are made to order, and I don’t have any waste or stock that’s sitting and doing nothing.”

For this designer, nothing goes unused.

Valeria Krasavina: “The shirt that I’m wearing, it was a vintage men’s shirt, but I reconstructed and I gave it second life, right? I have this shirt dress that’s button down, I put some tulle, I reconstructed the sleeves so it became something new, and it’s a smart way of designing as well.”

Colombian-inspired brand Mapa specializes in clothing where one size really does fit all.

Antonia Cubillos: “There are these big pieces of fabric with different prints, and with these pieces of fabric you can create dresses, skirts, tops, wrapping them around your body in different ways to create different looks. Always on our social media, we’re always posting videos and tutorials about how people can style their pañalones.”

These perfect-for-travel outfits can express your moods for the day: chill and casual, sleek for a night out, or grunge in the street.

At this bazaar, you will shop with a purpose.

Aleksandra Sivokoneva: “We hope that they can come and shop all different lifestyle products in one place — so, from eco-friendly candles, to apparel, to beauty products, to activewear, we have it all there — so they can just do one-stop shop and get for the entire family.”

This free pop up event is happening this Friday and Saturday at Mana Convention Center. For more deets, click here.

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