For most people, a bad date is like going to dinner with someone who chews with their mouth open, but in a new thriller, it’s more like falling for someone who beats you up and takes all your money. Although chewing with their mouth open is also a big no-no. Deco’s Alex Miranda, who has done none of the above — at least to our knowledge — has the story.

Not to get even more graphic, but “Shattered,” the title of this movie, might refer to Cameron Monaghan’s legs, because a meet-cute in a grocery store aisle becomes much more than this eligible bachelor bargained for.

You know that song.

Ava Max (singing): “Oh, she’s sweet but a psycho, a little bit psycho.”

Yeah, the new thriller “Shattered” is a lot like that. but let’s rewind.

Lilly Krug (as Sky): “You’re a lifesaver.”

Cameron Monaghan (as Chris): “I’m Chris.”

Lilly Krug (as Sky): “Sky.”

Aww, a meet-cute. Sky, played by Lilly Krug, is so charming, lonely tech millionaire Chris, played by Cameron Monaghan, can’t help but fall for her. And who wouldn’t appreciate a girlfriend who nurses you after you get attacked by a supposedly random criminal on the street?

But then her roommate dies under mysterious circumstances, so are these events totally unlinked? Or are her intentions more sinister?

Here’s a hint.

Cameron Monaghan (as Chris): “Sky, you should probably contact the police.”

Lilly Krug (as Sky): “That would be stupid of me.”

Cameron Monaghan (as Chris): “Why?”

Lilly Krug: “I talked to a lot of psychologists and just really unpacking the psyche of Sky, and just getting to know who she is and where all this hurt and manipulation comes from.”

If you’re thinking back on this iconic character…

Glenn Close (as Alex Forrest): “Ahhh!”

You’re not alone.

Lilly Krug: “I watched ‘Fatal Attraction,’ ‘Misery,’ ‘Basic Instinct,’ ‘Clockwork Orange,’ everything I could find.”

Frank Grillo also stars. along with John Malkovich.

Lilly Krug: “[John] is so intelligent, but he’s so kind.”

As her landlord, Ronald.

John Malkovich (as Ronald): “Walk of shame.”

Which is not a big deal at all.

Lilly Krug: “Something I think spilled on our set one day, and he would just get a mop and put it away, and I was like, ‘This is John Malkovich just mopping the floor on our set.’ It’s insane.”

And even though Lilly is not much like her character…

Alex Miranda: “Is there any bit of Sky that you feel you still have with you?”

Lilly Krug: “I noticed I slowly started dressing like her. and I was like, ‘Why am I wearing white? I normally wear black,’ and I mean, even now, a year after, I’m wearing all white.”

Alex Miranda: “Like, ‘I’m becoming Sky! Oh, no!'”

Although she did come clean about one crazy thing after a recent relationship.

Lilly Krug: “I saw a girl I thought he was dating, so I followed her on Instagram to see what he was doing. and after a week, I was like unfollowing everyone, like, ‘OK, this has to stop! This is not healthy!'”

“Shattered” is playing in select theaters now and is also available On Demand.

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