Last night’s reveal on “The Masked Singer” was out of this world. Don’t feel bad for the reggae singer who got the boot, he’s hoppy and working on something big. His next big move has a flashback feel. Deco got the deets from the newly un-masked musician.

Hop to it, Space Bunny. Your time on “The Masked Singer” has come to an end.

Under the cute helmet? The judges didn’t have a clue … even though one of them has worked with him before.

Shaggy: “Nicole, hello! We did songs together.”

Nicole Scherzinger : “I know.”

Shaggy: “Oh, my gosh!”

Shaggy: “It’s a great show, I have always watched it from before. These guys are guys who are friends of mine. It was a lot of fun.”

Now that Shaggy’s hung up his space suit and floppy ears, it’s time to focus on promoting his latest single, “Mi Nuh Know,” and his new album, “Com Fly Wid Mi,” which drops in two weeks.

Shaggy: “It’s me singing Sinatra songs in reggae.”

Think Ol’ Blue Eyes with a “boombastic” twist

Shaggy: “It’s is one of the most complicated songbooks to actually learn, because there’s so many quarter notes and stuff like that.”

The reggae star got help from an old friend with the new album.

Shaggy: “I had an amazing vocal coach. His name is Sting, an amazing vocalist who taught me how to breathe through it and just to learn the whole repertoire.”

Sting also had a hand in producing some of the songs.

Sting: “It’s never been done before, tuning these songs in a reggae style, and there’s no point in trying to make a record like Frank Sinatra. None of us can sing that way, because he’s a genius.”

For Shaggy, the new album brings back childhood memories.

Shaggy: “On Sundays, in my household, with my grandmother, Frank Sinatra was a big deal and on a major radio stations in Jamaica at that time. Sunday was the day that you heard Sinatra.”

Shaggy wasn’t the only one who got the boot last night. The Queen Cobras, the ladies from the ’90s R&B group En Vogue, were unmasked as well.

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