You have it bad for someone when you can’t even look them in the eyes.

Shaggy and African sensation Bruce Melodie captured this love effect with their newest hit “When She’s Around.”

Deco sat down with both of them at iHeart Radio in Miramar to get the scoop. Take a look.

Bruce Melodie (singing): “I close my eyes when she’s around. That’s the TikTok challenge.”

Shaggy: “He taught me that, by the way ’cause, you know, with me, it’s the pelvis movement. That’s the only movement I know.”

Oh, Deco knows all about Shaggy’s moves, and he’s showcasing some of them in the new song “When She’s Around.”

Bruce Melodie adds the East African beats, and Shaggy throws in a dash of reggae.

Shaggy: “The main thing you wanted to get from this song was joy. I wanted people to feel good the minute you hear it, and the minute it came on, just feel like it was a feel-good record. You started smiling.”

The song was originally made in Bruce’s African language, but Shaggy put his spin on it.

Bruce Melodie: “The first verse I did it myself was a single, called ‘Funga Macho.'”

Shaggy: “I thought it was great. I didn’t understand a word he was saying. Because it was in Swahili, his native tongue, but the melodies were amazing, and the cadences were lovely, so we just kind of gave it a hybrid sound.”

And now the hybrid sound has created a TikTok craze.

Bruce Melodie: “When I see him performing or doing the TikTok. So, you know, I was doing this, but for him, he was doing free style. So I try to copy him doing ‘dancing-laughing.'”

They performed the song for the first time in SoFlo at iHeart Radio’s “Jingle Ball.”

So, how’s the 3-0-5 treating you, Bruce?

Bruce Melodie: “Everything’s big here, from the roads to the car. Even the flag of the country is big.”

Shaggy: “You gotta try some Cuban coffee. It’ll put you right to sleep.”

Any holiday plans for you both?

Bruce Melodie: “I’ll be here in America. I’m getting ready for my performance in Portland, Maine, on the 30th.”

Shaggy: “Yeah, he’s having lobsters.”

Bruce Melodie: “Yeah, we’re going to kill it here, and I’ll be back in Africa. My fans in Africa, I’ll be back in January.”

Shaggy: “Yeah, he’s having a way more exciting time than I’m having. Nah, actually, I’ll be in Jamaica for Christmas, and I’m actually looking forward to laying low and chilling with the family.”

From tours to festivals, the future is bright for the singers.

Shaggy: “Lots going on. We’re excited. We’re excited about this song, and we’ll be promoting it for the rest of the year, also, and hope that it puts a smile on people’s faces and makes everybody feel good.”

“When She’s Around” is streaming now on all music platforms.

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