Sometimes you just want to forget about work. Ta-dah! Along comes “Severance.” The trippy new series shows how some workers go under the knife for a happier life. Deco’s Lynn Martinez is happier … because she got to leave after doing this story.

Adam Scott (as Mark Scout): “I give consent.”

In the new Apple TV+ series “Severance,” Lumon Industries surgically separates the non-work memories of their employees from their work memories.

Adam Scott (as Mark Scout): I will be unable to access my personal memories whilst on the severed floors.”

Co-stars John Turturro and Patricia Arquette found the script quite refreshing.

John Turturro: “I found it sort of a unique world and not one that I had really encountered.”

Patricia Arquette: “There were areas where it would go wild, and then super structured, and then wild.”

You won’t see Ben Stiller on screen, but he makes his mark as director.

Ben Stiller: “It reminded me of certain workplace office comedies over the years that I’d seen, but then also it had this weird sort of absurdist other layer to it, because there was a mystery of why these people were there, what they were doing, and they all didn’t know who they were.”

Adam Scott understands the concept. He says, being an actor, sometimes it is hard to distinguish between work and life.

Adam Scott: “You yourself are, is your instrument that you use to do the job, and you’re how you look. You know, you go outside and people may recognize you or something, so it’s kind of impossible to separate yourself from your job.”

Adam Scott (as Mark Scout): “What is it we actually do here?”

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