Now, this is a story all about how Will’s life got flipped upside down, and Bel-Air season two has more stories to tell. The new season is bringing lots of changes to the Bel-Air neighborhood, so the actors gave us the 411 on what’s coming for Will and his family.

It’s a breath of fresh Bel Air for the show’s second season.

The new season means lots of new changes for Will and his family.

Jabari Banks: “I say that this season is a true coming of age story because will is really trying to find his freedom and who he is and take hold of his story outside of the gates of Bel-Air, where somewhere people try to like, you know, control his narrative.”

Fans will be getting a lot more of Will and Carlton, played by Olly Sholoton this season.

Olly Sholotan: “The thing that I’m most excited for is people to see that relationship between Carlton and Will and how that dynamic is sort of more similar to the original, our predecessors’ show than season one, because I know that’s something that fans miss.”

Bel-Air clearly has more drama than its sitcom sibling, and that’s part of the charm.

Carla Banks Waddles: “There’s so many stories that can be told if you take the comedy out of it and just slow it down and live in the reality of what that story would be.”

While keeping a lot of what made the OG series so popular.

Jimmy Akingbola: “It’s following the DNA of the original ‘fresh prince of Bel-Air,’ how they would do it. Each episode would have their moments, and so we’re just continuing that legacy, yeah.”

Cassandra Freeman: “If you love the old one, I think the new one will just enrich you more. It’s like reading the diary entry of who these people actually are.”

But it’s clear this season got a whole lot more to give to fans.

Jordan L. Jones: “We’ve established the fact that we’re a different show, so I’m excited for people to, even more than they did already, kinda let go and let us stand on our own and just enjoy the ride.”

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