Sometimes you just wanna get lost in a fantasy. We’re talking about the kind of fantasy adventure with magic powers and the fight between good and evil.

Which is the kind of stuff you’ll find in Season 2 of “The Wheel of Time.”

Rosamund Pike (as Moiraine): “Everyone has a choice. And every choice has a consequence.”

The stakes are high in Season 2 of the Amazon Prime series “The Wheel of Time.”

Rosamund Pike (as Moiraine): “We didn’t defeat the Dark One. We set him free.”

The Dark One is still causing chaos, and our heroes are now separated as they continue their quest to defeat him.

Rosamund Pike (as Moiraine): “Protecting Rand, guiding him, that is the only thing that matters.”

Rosamund Pike returns as Moiraine, and she’s dealing with a lot after the events of Season 1.

Rosamund Pike: “To lose the one power is about as devastating a thing as any that could happen to an aes sedai, and she battles on relentlessly in spite of it and shows her true mettle in the process.”

Josha Stradowski (as Rand): “I want to know how to control it.”

Josha Stradowski is also back as Rand. He’s looking for help dealing with his magical powers.

Josha Stradowski: “Every time it does spill out of him, he feels like it’s just too powerful to handle, and also it gets him closer to madness and that’s his biggest, his biggest fear.”

Facing inner demons is a common thread among these characters.

Just ask Marcus Rutherford, who plays Perrin.

Marcus Rutherford: “This kind of wolf-side to him and these kinds of animalistic kind of qualities and powers is something he finds quite scary, but also something he’s very intrigued about, and it’s in his very nature.”

Rosamund Pike (as Moiraine): “There are many paths to walk through the night.”

Kate Fleetwood (as Liandrin Guirale): “It’s not always the most powerful who write history.”

Sophie Okonedo (as Siuan Sanche): “You are the water that turns the Wheel itself.”

The new season is out on Sept. 1.

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