Count on Sean Paul for two things: international club bangers and good vibes. Actually three: he always wears cool sunglasses. The Jamaican dance hall rapper is about to drop a whole new album.

Sean Paul always has the right temperature. For me, it’s 72 degrees, but more like 62 when I sleep.

For Sean, probably 100. His new album “Scorcha” is scorching hot, and it drops in just over two weeks, but we have a preview.

When it’s Sean Paul…

Clip from “Temperature”: “Well, woman the way the time cold, I wanna be keepin’ you warm.”

Warm? Please. The music is going to be fire.

Clip from “No Lies”: “No lies. Gyal, we never miss, feel your eyes, they all over me.”

And with so many top 10s…

Clip from “Rockabye”: “Oh! Rockabye, rocka-rocka-rocka-bye, rockabye.”

Have no fear. Sean’s new album, “Scorcha”…

Sean Paul: “Is me missing partying and a few songs like that, but then also a few songs where it’s just more introspective.”

Clip from “Dynamite”: “Dynamite, oh, ’cause when we touch in the street, and we fresh head to feet.”

That’s “Dynamite,” featuring Sia.

Sean Paul: “To me, she’s such a talent that she doesn’t have to show her face. That’s amazing in this time. It shows her strong songwriting and amazing voice.”

Clip from “How We Do It”: “Strike ignition. They’re gonna see how we do it.”

And “How We Do It,” with Pia Mia.

Sean Paul: “Music is something to lean up on, and there’s something for everyone on this album.”

And Sean just dropped the visualizer for “No Fear.”

Clip from “No Fear”: “Got to be prepared for this land.”

That one’s got Nicki Jam.

Clip from “No Fear”: “Dime, ¿de qué vale, en que vive en una mansión?”

And Damian Marley, the youngest son of Bob Marley.

Sean Paul: “It’s about facing life with all its adversities.”

With no fear, of course, but…

Alex Miranda: “We all might be brave, but then a cockroach walks by, and then we’re running. What would you say your most irrational fear is?”

Sean Paul: “I’m not a fan of seeing rats, man, especially if they’re indoors. I’m like, ‘Yo!’ It makes me crazy; I draw for brooms.”

As far as the serious kind…

Sean Paul: “It’s not being able to spend the time that I can with close family.”

Like his 5-year-old son, Levi.

Sean Paul: “He prays to God that I stop this nonsense. I said, ‘What nonsense?’ And he said, ‘Going away and coming back nonstop, bro!'”

Alex Miranda: “All of this doesn’t just come for free.”

Sean Paul’s new album “Scorcha” drops on May 27.

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