Deco Drive is one of those shows that can’t be defined as just one thing. The same can be said about the new movie “Encounter,” which hit theaters Friday. It’s part sci-fi, part family drama and part coming-of-age story. Deco’s having an up close and personal encounter with the cast.

Riz Ahmed (as Malik Khan): “It’s OK.”

Shane McRae (as Lance): “What’s going on here?”

Riz Ahmed (as Malik Khan): “A road trip with my boys.”

Shame McRae (as Lance: “At 3 a.m.?”

Riz Ahmed is a man on the run in Amazon Studios’ “Encounter.”

Lucian-River Chauhan: “Why can’t we go home?”

Riz Ahmed (as Malik Khan): “This ain’t a road trip. It’s a rescue mission.”

The Oscar nominee plays a former Marine who’s trying to save his sons from a mysterious threat, even if that means breaking the law.

But what Riz says can’t be broken is the bond between him and his young co-stars, Lucian-River Chauhan and Aditya Geddada.

Riz Ahmed: “Fist bump, do the fist bump.

Aditya Geddada: “Fist bump!”

Working with them on this film reminded Riz of why he loves being an actor.

Riz Ahmed: “It really kind of humbled me and made me reconnect with what acting is really about. It’s cool; it’s about being honest.”

Also starring in the movie is Octavia Spencer. She’s the one trying to make sure nobody gets hurt when the road trip becomes a manhunt.

But is Octavia everyone’s go-to advice giver in real life?

Octavia Spencer: “I think we all try to be, but I have other people that are my go-to. I hope that I try to be that, and make myself available to be that.”

Riz is a prolific, award-winning actor, but he says he learned a lot from his young co-stars.

Riz Ahmed: “From Aditya I learned that you don’t always have to say your lines in the script. You can make up whatever you want, ’cause you kept doing that all the time, and from River, I learned how important it is to always just take a moment to prepare before each scene.”

But perhaps the most important takeaway from everyone was…

Aditya Geddada: “I learned, always keep candy in the pockets.”

Lucian-River Chauhan: “Smart rule. Yep.”

Riz Ahmed: “How did the candy help you?”

Aditya Geddada: “Keeps you awake.”

Riz Ahmed: “It keeps you awake when you’re shooting late at night. Good plan.”

Well, that, and the importance of a good road trip soundtrack.

Lucian-River Chauhan: “We actually had a chance to create a few songs of our own for ‘Encounter.’ I think I would definitely put that on our playlist.”

Riz Ahmed: “We’re a band. We listen to our own music. The songs that we make up are releasing in 2023. Look out for it. ‘The Three Musketeers,” our studio album.”

“Encounter” has made first contact in movie theaters before arriving to Amazon Prime Video on Dec. 10.

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