New Year’s resolutions? That’s a bit of a stretch this year. Many of us haven’t touched a treadmill since 2019, which is why we’re giving a no-strings-attached, circuit-style fitness class in Fort Lauderdale a chance … because the only way I’ll work out is if I’m tricked into thinking it’s something fun.

Rapper Juicy J once said, “Bands a make her dance,” but bands can also make you burn calories.

Nicole Kinzel, AKT Fort Lauderdale: “Are you ready?”

Group: “Yeah!”

Nicole Kinzel: “Amazing!”

At AKT Fort Lauderdale, this fitness studio is known for dance.

Alex Miranda: “Is this zumba?”

Nicole Kinzel: “It’s really not. It’s more like hitting it hard, punching, flying, bouncing with hip-hop based movements.”

But it’s their circuit-style bands class.

Nicole Kinzel: “You’re going to be using a box on the floor. You know, kind of like step-up aerobics, you know, old school, bringing it back, and then these bands come down from the ceiling.”

That has us reaching for our 2022 fitness goals.

Nicole Kinzel: “One of our oldest members here is 82, and she kills it!”

Alex Miranda: “OK, so I have no excuse.”

Nicole Kinzel: “Yes!”

No matter what they are.

Alex Miranda: “For the people who have been sitting on their sofa for the past two years.”

Nicole Kinzel: “Maybe you used to use 10-pound weights; today, you’re using five. It doesn’t matter, what matters is that you showed up!”

And started sweating!

Nicole Kinzel: “Jump around, move your arms, and in between these cardio sets, you do some strength, so you’re going to have some upper body, some lower body, full body, and you finish off with core.”

Susan Tidswell, fitness studio member: “This is perfect, because I always do it at my own pace, and I feel great when I leave.”

The vibe is nightclub.

Nicole Kinzel: “The music is poppin’, you know, we’ve got some of the top hits, and they’re all remixed. The BPMs are high to get your heart rate up.”

Or Broadway show? Like Nicole, who’s starred in “Kinky Boots” at the Broward Center, many instructors here are stars outside the studio, too.

Nicole Kinzel: “They bring the heat, you know? It’s fun, it’s exciting. There’s levels in our voices, there’s dynamics, there’s lots of movement.”

Speaking of which.

Group: “Bye!”

We just couldn’t not think of this music video.

Monthly memberships start at $79 for four classes. Drop-ins are $25.

Member: “I’ve noticed, over the last four to six weeks, lot more toning, lot more energy. I’m really feeling the benefit of the classes.”

AKT Fort Lauderdale
1902 N Federal Hwy
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33305
To try a bands class out for yourself, click here.

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