The Miami Grand Prix will feature drivers going speeds over 150 miles an hour, and that’s still slower than most drivers on the Turnpike.

If you can’t make it to the race, you can still win the day in Wynwood. Alex Miranda knows how to make a smooth pass. He’s here to tell us more.

The party was lit on Wynwood, Thursday night. Over the next four days, Racing Fan Fest offers everything a superfan could ever ask for.

Aaron Colton, Racing Fan Fest: “Noon to 8 [p.m.] each day, and then the viewing party, they’re having all day Sunday, so we’ll have a live feed to the races going on here with the bar and drinks.

Feel the need for speed at the Red Bull Fan Zone.

Alex Miranda: “How much Red Bull do you drink? Be honest.”

Aaron Colton: “It depends. Honestly, there’s a time and a place.”

Like right now, when you can test your time at the Pit Stop Challenge.

Aaron Colton: “You’re going to use the impact gun, and you’re going to run it on reverse to remove that wheel and then the new tire as quick as you possibly can.”

You know, like a real F1 crew member.

Aaron Colton: “The whole team can put four new tires on a car and fuel in less than three seconds.”

Well, with all this sugar…

Alex Miranda: “You know, 2.75 seconds? Not bad, right?”

And how about these racing simulators?

Alex Miranda: “Ashley, how’s it going?”

Ashley: “Alex, you’re so distracting. I’m trying to race here.”

I mean, look at those graphics. They’re so real.

Alex Miranda: “Also, could you pick me up a No. 1 from McDonald’s on the way back?”

Speaking of which, there’s plenty of food on deck.

Christina Gonzalez, Racing Fan Fest: “The Pink Paloma is my favorite of all. The tacos are incredible.”

Plus drinks.

Alex Miranda: “Cheers.”

And let’s not forget about Race Day.

Christina Gonzalez: “The largest watch party in Miami for the Miami Grand Prix.”

Where else would you want to be? Well, aside from at the race itself.

Christina Gonzalez: “We’ve got giant LED screens all throughout the property.”

And the four days of fun will close with…

Christina Gonzalez: “Alesso, world-famous DJ, you know, part of Swedish House Mafia. You can’t see him anywhere else this weekend. Make sure you get your tickets. It’s gonna be the hottest closing party in Miami.”

There’s entertainment for all ages, too.

Daniel Romero daughter: “I like pink car.”

Alex Miranda: “Ooh, a pink fast car?”

Daniel Romero and his family are actually going to the race on Sunday.

Alex Miranda: “So this is like the perfect thing to do to get you in the mood, right?”

Daniel Romero: “Yes, definitely. We’re having such a great time here.”

Alex Miranda: “Does your dad drive fast?”

Daniel Romero daughter: “Yeah.”

All of the fun at Racing Fan Fest is free to the public.

Racing Fan Fest
2250 NW 2nd Ave.
Miami, FL 33127

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