Pride month is well underway and one Wynwood hotspot isn’t wasting a minute. R House has everything from Pride Father’s Day to Adult 80s prom coming up.

But, Alex Miranda was most proud of finishing an entire plate of ice cream cookies.

Alex Miranda: “I feel like this is my house.”

Athena Dion: “Yes. Well, it is our house.”

Is already proud.

Athena Dion: “It’s a top-tier show, honey. It’s an experience from the minute you walk into the door to the minute we have to ask you to leave.”

But during Pride month

Athena Dion: “I need a stunt double or just like a face mask that I can put on and put off or just stay in drag for all 30 days because it’s nonstop.”

Like starting this Friday at 7 p.m.

Athena Dion: “Prom was kind of like a scary thing for a lot of us. You know what I mean? You didn’t know if you’d have a date if you’d be accepted, what to wear. So we’re having an adults-only Pride prom.”

Miami Vice edition. Which means tacky 80s glam.

Athena Dion: “Who doesn’t want to wear something like that.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh oh oh! That’s the theme!”

Oh, and they’re as serious as a perm.

Athena Dion: “Everyone who is here in the audience is going to get a chance to vote from the nominees that are listed. And we’re going to tally the votes and crown.”

Then, Sunday at 11:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Athena Dion: “I don’t think people think to go to drag brunch on Father’s day, so we’re making it a Papi’s day- Papi brunch.”

Finally, Friday the 30th at 7 p.m.

Athena Dion: “The queens at war lip sync battle. There are going to be wigs snatched. There are going to be broken nails, sequence everywhere. But it’s going to be a good time, I can guarantee you that.”

Alex Miranda: “Cut to the clip of that beauty queen ripping that Haha!”

Now, all year you can get their rainbow churros.

Athena Dion: “You snooze, you lose, buddy.”

And the fabulous unicorn martini.

But, this month only, order for festive night owl cookies.

Alex Miranda: “All of us love night owl cookies. Andrew is a friend of both of ours.”

Athena Dion: “I love them a little too much.”

Athena Dion: “Mm mm mm, so good!”

With proceeds going to the Trevor Project. Get your hands off my sprinkles.

Alex Miranda: “So good.”

Athena Dion: “Is it? That’s good.”

Alex Miranda: “Have you tried it?”

Athena Dion: “Oh. No, I haven’t, yet.”


Athena Dion: “We have these enormous, and I mean like huge, ice cream sandwiches.”

Alex Miranda: “Wait, how big?”

Both: “Wow! Oh, my god! Look a sparkler!”

Athena Dion: “I could eat one by myself, but they’re meant for four people. Sponsored by Fireman Derek Pies.”

Athena Dion: “Cause baby you’re a firework!”

Alex Miranda: “I love Katy Perry.”

Athena Dion: “Happy Pride, everyone! I can’t wait to try this ice cream sandwich.”

Uh, R House made me do it. Happy Pride!

Athena Dion: “Not my boa!”

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