‘Queen & Slim’ shows us how far a Tinder date can go

Ever experienced a bad Tinder date? Nothing compares to the one coming up in “Queen & Slim.”

The names behind Showtime’s “The Chi” and Beyoncé’s “Formation” video got together for this powerful story about a couple on the run.

You could call “Queen & Slim,” which is heartbreaking, shocking, yet also romantic, the black “Bonnie and Clyde.”

Daniel Kaluuya (as Slim): “As long as my lady remembers me fondly, it’s all I need.”

After a date, the couple is pulled over for questionable reasons and end up shooting a police officer in self-defense.

Officer: “Get on the ground!”

Jodie Turner-Smith (as Queen): “Why is he under arrest?”

Officer: “Get back in the car!”

Jodie Turner-Smith (as Queen): “I am an attorney!”

Daniel Kaluuya (as Slim): “Chill, just chill! I am reaching for my cellphone!”

*gunshots go off*

Daniel Kaluuya: “Yeah, it’s confronting a lot of demons, a lot of stuff. That’s what’s amazing about this. The hope never dies in this film, and the love story element in this disposable world where we can just get another date on an app.”

That’s Daniel Kaluuya from “Get Out” and “Black Panther.” He plays Slim. Newcomer Jodie Turner-Smith plays Queen.

Jodie Turner-Smith: “I just love to hear that it’s making people feel so many things. To see that people come up and say the movie has left with them, I’m like, that’s all you could really hope for.”

Alex Miranda: “Can you just repeat that you’re an absolute superstar?”

Daniel Kaluuya: “She is.”

Jodie Turner-Smith: “Thank you, so much!”

Daniel Kaluuya: “She is. We used to call her ’01 50 Cent,’ which is basically just before “Get Rich or Die Trying.” I was like, ‘They don’t even realize you’re about to get rich or die trying!’ People would stop in the street and be like, ‘What are you?’ and she’d be like, ‘Thank you.’ Hahaha!”

A Tinder date sets the whole film off. But in real life, Jodie reportedly got engaged to “The Affair’s” Joshua Jackson in August, and Daniel has been linked to a British actress.

Alex Miranda: “Theoretically speaking, what made you swipe right on your significant others?”

Jodie Turner-Smith: “You know when you meet someone, and you just feel like they see you? And I think that’s why everyone is even on these apps anyway. That’s why we’re on social media. We just all want to be seen.”

Daniel Kaluuya: “Intelligence and funny, she’s funny. If you feel at ease. Deeper than that, acceptance. You just feel accepted, you know what I’m saying? Despite your weirdness, and I’m a weird dude.”

“Queen & Slim” is set to be in theaters on Wednesday.

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