Porsche built an elevator for your car

(WSVN) - When you live in a high-rise, you have to go to a garage to get your car. Not anymore. A new building in South Florida lets you park your car in your apartment — even if you live on the 60th floor.

The Porsche Design Tower in Sunny Isles is 60 stories of pure luxury.

Gil Dezer: “We have 132 units. The least expensive units today are in the $6 million range, with the most expensive penthouse still available at $32.5 million.”

The units feature European design and panoramic views. Up for a swim? There’s a pool on every balcony.

Gil Dezer: “Porsche Design is the design arm of the Porsche car company. They actually design the components you see on the car, as well as consumer products.”

But when you’re ready to leave your palace in the sky, you won’t have to wait for the valet.

That’s because your car is parked in your apartment.

Gil Dezer: “We came up with this car elevator system where the unit owner gets in his car, goes up to his unit, and his car gets deposited right outside his unit, and he walks two steps to his front door.”

The Dezervator (like desert) is a one-of-a-kind car elevator.

Owners drive their vehicle onto a turntable. The automated system moves your car into the elevator — and then up to your private garage.

Gil Dezer: “We started having lots of celebrities and VIPs who were buying this for the security factor — the fact that you don’t have to see a valet, don’t have to get out of your car — and so you just come and go as you please.”

The system is totally automated, so you don’t have to stay with the car.

The building has three Dezervators, all visible from the lobby.

Gil Dezer: “We said, ‘What does Porsche have to do with real estate? Let’s make a building about the automobile for the car lover.'”

If you forget something in your car, it’s right there, and unloading groceries just got a lot easier.

Gil Dezer: “Really recreating the concept of what a home in the sky is.”

There are still a few units available. Starting price? A little over $6 million.

Porsche Design Tower Miami
18555 Collins Ave.
Sunny Isles Beach, FL 33160
(305) 974-0500

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