Miami’s food scene is filled with great food from the best chefs from around the world. Now a favorite Austin restaurant is hitting up the 3-0-5, and it’s bringing some fresh flavors.

Sushi | Bar is adding a new twist on omakase, and one of the few women omakase chefs, Amberly Ouimette, is leading the train to Flavortown.

Sushi | Bar is taking over Miami’s omakase scene.

Ambrely Ouimette: “The Sushi | Bar is a 17-course modern take on an omakase. We guide you through a curation of all the flavors that we’re taking you through, unique fish that we’re doing here in this space in Miami.”

Ambrely Ouimette is the executive chef, and she’s one of the few female omakase chefs in a male-dominated profession, so it’s big deal for her.

Ambrely Ouimette: “When I first started making sushi, I was actually on the hot food line, and then I progressed into making sushi because I would watch the sushi chefs making sushi, and it was just something that really interested me, and I wanted to be in that part of lifestyle so badly.”

To get experience, she worked under a sushi chef in Massachusetts doing jobs like making rice and cleaning up for free.

It paid off, and now she wants to tempt your taste buds at the Sushi | Bar located in the Esmé Hotel.

Ambrely Ouimette: “I love guava and cheese pastries. It’s one of my favorite things, so taking those flavors of Miami and the local produce and everything available is something really important, and you’ll see that through the menu.”

Guava was the inspiration in the hiromasa sushi.

Ambrely Ouimette: “We’re taking compressed pineapple, compressed with guava, then we have tons of crunchy flavors on there: leeks and coconut and mint.”

She also includes a few things from her background in Italian and French cuisine to lighten up the taste.

Ambrely Ouimette: “Colagrean chili and honey and bourbon and mezcal and just different kinds of spices, I think that just takes sushi beyond.”

She also likes to mix different ingredients to that to create yummy textures in your mouth, like with their Grandma Bite.

Ambrely Ouimette: “It’s a beet-cured salmon. We’re taking Ōra King salmon, curing that in beet, we’re adding a little bit of goat cheese and citrus underneath it, so that mixes with the rice and creates almost like this risotto texture in your mouth.”

But still paying respect to Japanese tradition.

Ambrely Ouimette: “We’re taking a lot of classic technique that is used in sushi as far as breaking down fish and curing fish. We’re just playing on those flavors and still respecting what it is to be in sushi and omakase, and respecting the tradition of it but just using unique spices.”

Sophia Reyes: “The way that they blend flavors from all around the world to just create these unique bites, is honestly unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before. It’sreally one of the more unique experiences, definitely, in Miami.”

Sushi | Bar
Esmé Miami Beach
1438 Washington Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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