We only have one planet, so A-plus to anyone who’s trying to help keep it green … like Piper & Skye, who’s trying to save it one purse at a time. Their mission is to borrow from nature and create handbags.

For their newest design, they’ve partnered with INVERSA collection in using Florida’s Burmese python skin. Could be hiss-tory in the making.

Piper & Skye’s new INVERSA collection will leave you feeling good about your splurge.

Joanna MacDonald, founder, Piper & Skye: “We have designed two INVERSA Bags, and we’re calling it Piper & Skye x Inversa. We have two so far, but there’s a lot more coming. We’ve started with invasive python because, as far as I understand, it’s the biggest problem.”

These bags are made from the skin of these slithering creatures because they do more bad than good.

Joanna MacDonald: “I’m learning all about the invasive species and the damage that they do to our ecosystem, so the more that we can eradicate the python from the Everglades, the better off we are here in Florida.”

From crossbody to shoulder bags, their luxury selection is made out of materials from the Amazon … and we mean the jungle, not Amazon Prime.

Joanna MacDonald: “Our signature material is pirarucu. It’s from South America, and it’s the world’s largest freshwater fish. It grows to be 10 feet in length, and it takes usually two humans to, like, pull one up.”

You’ll also see some gator skin.

Joanna MacDonald: “Everything that we work with is wild and used as a food source — wild American alligator coming from the southern states.”

And the color inspo is wild.

Joanna MacDonald: “We love our pinks, our yellows, our blues, but we also try to do our core colors, which are black and we call it cognac brown.”

Of course, having a bag to bring to the sand is a must.

Joanna MacDonald: “We really try to cater to the different climates, and so, now that I’m spending more time in Miami, beach bags are where it’s at, and smaller evening bags. People like to go out a lot here.”

The brand is sticking to their guns.

Joanna MacDonald: “There’s a real need for brands, especially luxury, to be sustainable and to be ethical and to do things the right way. I can show up at any of my suppliers or my manufacturers without notice, and I can see with my own eyes that people are being treated with fairness and equality and fair pay, so that’s really important to me.”

For more information on where you can look through Piper & Skye’s collections, including INVERSA, click here.

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