A brand-new season of “Bridgerton” is around the corner, so while you’re waiting for them to start spilling the tea, here’s a chance for you to try sipping the tea, at an honest-to-goodness tea room. Pinkies up!

Julie Andrews (as Lady Whistledown): “Dearest gentle reader, did you miss me?”

You must be thirsty for some tea from Lady Whistledown.

Julie Andrews (as Lady Whistledown): “The time has come for the social season.”

Character in “Bridgerton”: “Tighter!”

Nicola Coughlan (as Penelope Featheringto): “Is she to breathe, Mama?”

It’s almost time for the new season of “Bridgerton” … but you can get set for the spilling of the tea, just by sipping it.

The Tea Room is tucked in Homestead’s historic Cauley Square.

Vivian Santamaria: “Tea Room was established in 1979. It was created as a space for women to have their own areas so they could converse.”

Talking isn’t the only thing going on here.

Vivian Santamaria: “We do actually offer breakfast, we offer lunch. We have daily specials the chef comes up with.”

OK, OK, but what about the tea? Spill it!

Vivian Santamaria: “We have about, I think it’s 22 teas, so they’re international selections. Some of them are even like Nina Paris, French press, French imported teas. We have such an assortment, and we do guide our guest with that.”

The restaurant wants guests to have the most authentic English experience from the moment they walk in.

Vivian Santamaria: “We do have six different rooms, and each of them are different themes. We wanted to make sure that we had some connections to original roots of what tea is, especially because you don’t really find that in too many places down here in South Florida.”

OK, we just had to ask, has the Netflix series piqued guests’ interest?

Vivian Santamaria: “I can’t tell you how many bridal showers, baby showers, birthdays I had, actually. People wanted to do their own ‘Bridgerton’-themed party with Lady Whistledown.”

Julie Andrews (as Lady Whistledown): “If there is a scandal, I shall uncover it.”

Much like English tea time, The Tea Room is designed with peace in mind.

Vivian Santamaria: “I want them to feel like they’ve escaped the busy buzzing of Miami.”

The Tea Room at Cauley Square
12310 SW 224th St.
Miami, FL 33170

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