All photography fans know David LaChapelle, but everybody in the biz knows his work, from Rolling Stone covers to Vogue magazine. Starting Friday, you can see his work up close, in real life, at only one gallery in Miami Beach.

David LaChapelle is — I mean, not even just an icon of photography.

David LaChapelle: “If you have a voice, you don’t want to sing in the shower. You know, you want to share it.”

The man is a creative genius.

David LaChapelle: “That’s the whole point, is reaching people, touching people through art.”

Alex Miranda: “What do you really love about being in South Florida?”

David LaChapelle: “My first job ever coming here was with Andy Warhol, staying on Ocean Drive, back when only one hotel had been renovated. Andy had the vision to see where Miami was going to go.”

Some of the most famous photos of your favorite stars were dreamed up by this once-in-a-lifetime talent. And now, at Visu Contemporary Art Gallery…

David LaChapelle: “I thought of the title ‘Happy Together,’ because even though it’s a very eclectic mix from different periods in my life, somehow they kind of work together.”

His first-ever solo exhibition on Miami Beach will show a range of significant works.

Bruce Halpryn: “From his beginning to one that was just printed for this show, first time ever seen.”

David LaChapelle: “When you see the Botticelli ‘Primavera,’ the three graces, they’re just like dancing, even though that was considered secular work, I find it very religious.”

Thirty are for sale starting at $12,000 … but window shopping is always welcome.

Alex Miranda: “But, I do have to cover two square inches of this 40-by-90 because, well, I can’t show you all of Naomi Campbell.”

David LaChapelle: “Well, there’s a nipple over here, too, that you’re not covering.”

LaChapelle doesn’t just take pictures — he tells stories.

David LaChapelle: “My mom was living down here in Florida, and I’d done these photos about hurricanes.”

Alex Miranda: “Goals for life. Like, this is what I hope to achieve one day.”

Alex Miranda: “In a sense, it’s got a lot of hope, because you have love, yet we all kind of feel like we’re in a new chapter in the world. I wanted to use a real couple, but there was a casting.”

Alex Miranda: “Oh, OK. Well, they did a great job. They’re selling it.”

But today, I’m the one who’s trying to sell it…

David LaChapelle: “I’m making a statement about Miami.”

…as David LaChapelle’s muse.

David LaChapelle: “Take this off. Off.”

This is the ultimate flex.

David LaChapelle: “This looks very Miami, don’t you think?”

But by flex, I clearly don’t mean muscles.

Catch David LaChapelle: Happy Together through March 2.

David LaChapelle: Happy Together
Visu Contemporary Art Gallery
2160 Park Ave.
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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