Paul Rudd helped himself to the title of People’s Sexiest Man Alive, but in “The Shrink Next Door,” he’s helping Will Ferrell. Alex Miranda says Paul might be helping Will a little too much.

It is hard to listen when looking is also an option in interviews, but there’s nothing sexy about Paul’s character conning millions of dollars out of a man who just needed some help. OK, maybe there was a little bit of sexiness there.

Paul Rudd (as Dr. Isaac Herschkopf): “First thing I’m going to do is completely unethical. I’m going to give you a hug.”

In “The Shrink Next Door,” a charming psychiatrist obliterates the sacred line between therapist and patient.

Will Ferrell (as Martin Markowitz): “Psychiatrist, business partner, best friend.”

Dinner guest: “How does all of that work?”

Paul Rudd plays Dr. Isaac, who weasels his way into the wealthy life of client Martin Markowitz, played by Will Ferrell.

Paul Rudd (as Dr. Isaac Herschkopf): “Without trust, we have nothing.”

Will Ferrell (as Martin Markowitz): “I trust you completely!”

Alex Miranda: “You’re like, ‘Dude! Just stop being so foolish.'”

Will Ferrell: “Marty is so broken that, despite everything that he’s being told to do and things that are happening, he has no other place to turn.”

But Paul told me this decades-long true story about exploitation and manipulation isn’t … all bad.

Paul Rudd: “I also think that their relationship, between Martin and Ike was a legitimate one, and that they cared about each other, and that he really did want to help.”

Talk about complicated! Dr. Ike even gets Marty to cut ties with his sister, played by Kathryn Hahn, who admits she’s also been scammed.

Kathryn Hahn: “I’ve definitely been in a situation where I’m writing a check for a little too much money for what amounts to, let’s say, blended oils.”

Casey Wilson plays Ike’s morally ambigious wife.

Casey Wilson: “Whatever helps you, who cares? But I think in this case, obviously, it was quite extreme.”

Both Kathryn and Casey say they’ve gotten some bad life advice.

Kathryn Hahn: “I remember a stylist telling me to take my wedding ring off because it didn’t match what I was wearing on the red carpet, and I thought, ‘Danger danger!'”

Casey Wilson: “It was the outfit I wore at the ‘Bride Wars’ premiere, and you can look it up. It’s very upsetting.”

Will and Paul shared their best.

Will Ferrell: “It’s not your business what anyone thinks of you. Just do your thing.”

Paul Rudd: “It’s all over soon anyway, so just enjoy it and just laugh.”

Amd our interview turned into its own therapy session.

Kathryn Hahn: “What’s been bugging me is wearing high heels.”

You’d think it were “Super Soul Sunday.”

Casey Wilson: “Kathryn, what do you think that’s about? I’m turning it right around.”

Kathryn Hahn: “No, that’s good. She’s turning it around. I think I forgot to bring my…”

Casey Wilson: “We’re out of time.”

The first three episodes of “The Shrink Next Door” are scheduled to premiere Friday on Apple TV+, although sometimes they drop a few hours earlier.

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