The bigger the hair, the bigger the energy. That’s the vibe at Palace Bar in South Beach. They’re celebrating 36 years of drag shows in SoFlo, and the theme is Under The Big Top. Ringmaster, Alex Miranda, is on the sand to check out all the action.

Welcome to the circus! It’s always a circus here at Palace Bar. Thurty-six years of one of the most iconic bars on South Beach. They have a lot of festivities lined up with an entire circus theme, so get ready. They’re doing it like real-deal style.

When you hear the word “circus,” Britney Spears might come to mind.

But Palace Bar and Restaurant wants to put you at the center of the ring.

Tiffany Fantasia: “Under a big top, which means everybody will be under me. It’s going to be a whole lot of fun. Everybody is going to be in like some kind of theme of a circus.”

The iconic South Beach institution is celebrating their 36th anniversary with help from its queen of queens, Tiffany Fantasia, who has seen some things.

Tiffany Fantasia: “Woo! We don’t have enough time for all of that, because I’ve seen a lot of stuff. It is a big ball of fire. Everybody’s having a good time. They’re screaming, yelling, laughing. You just can’t get it anywhere else.”

But she says you’ll never see her the same way twice.

Tiffany Fantasia: “Of course, honey! Change the outfit, change the hair, change the lipstick, you know.”

And we always go wild for Kat Wilderness

Kat Wilderness: “It’s giving very much sza, it’s giving very much like dominatrix meets ballroom. I’m about to go to dinner and then somewhere we can’t talk about later.”

Who knows just the right ritual for getting diva ready.

Kat Wilderness: “Listen, I woke up like this. I did. Take your keratin, and you can get hair like this. I’m in the mirror just like everybody else with their hair combed. I’m very much like. ‘I think I’m Beyoncé.’ Absolutely giving it, and then I come here, and I do it in front of a lot of people.”

This birthday bash has been a blast. But Palace wants to give the people more of what they want: days of par-tays!

Aj Prasaguet: “If you think Tiffany’s tall, you’re going to see a lot taller than that. There’s also going to be a very heated moment with men running around with fire. RuPaul’s Drag Race, Plain Jane is going to be here. We also have Eliad Cohen, who’s a world-renowned DJ.

Also, making its debut this weekend: their new lounge.

Aj Prasaguet: “We want to make sure that we show what Palace can do. It’s not just drag. It’s food, it’s service, it’s hospitality, it’s cocktails.”

But the rooftop pool is where this Presidents’ Day party will cap off.

Kat Wilderness: “Palace means to me, it means everything. It means community. They took a chance on me. I’m so, so happy to be here and so grateful, honestly. This place is legendary. So, a little fish like me.”

Palace South Beach
1052 Ocean Drive
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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