SiriusXM Music Lounge

It’s that time of year when electronic dance music takes over South Florida. We’re talking about Miami Music Week and the Ultra Music Festival. DecoRead More

Regent Cocktail Club’s St. Patrick’s Day drinks

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day– a time for quiet reflection and calm, peaceful thoughts… maybe on some other planet. Here in South Florida, Saint Patty’sRead More

‘The Passion’

A two-thousand year old story set in the Middle Eastern desert is getting a modern makeover in New Orleans. "The Passion" is being told usingRead More

The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair

Can you smell it? Elephant ears, candy apples and popcorn. The sweet smell must mean one thing– The Miami-Dade County Youth Fair is back. BringRead More

‘Miracles From Heaven’: Jennifer Garner

Chris Van Vliet loves him some Jennifer Garner. And Shireen’s sure the feeling is mutual. He’s talked with her twice on Deco in 24 hours.Read More

The Divergent Series: Allegiant

To be allegiant is to be loyal or faithful. Kinda like the fans who’ve been waiting for the film "Allegiant" to come out. Civil war,Read More

Celebrate St. Patrick’s at John Martin’s Irish Pub

They say the first ever St. Patrick’s Day parade was in Boston, and the holiday didn’t come to Ireland until later. Now it’s a hugeRead More

Lilac and Lilies Boutique

With spring around the corner, it’s time for some spring cleaning in your closet– so you can make room for the new season trends. LilacRead More

Jersey Dawg

Every winter, foodies head to South Beach to soak up the sun and fill up at the South Beach Wine and Food Festival. This year,Read More

Miracles From Heaven’ Miami Beach premiere

"Miracles From Heaven" is a new inspirational movie with Jennifer Garner. It’s a hard story, but a happy one in the end. The cast ofRead More