Nick Cannon has a new baby, and he doesn’t have to pay an ex-girlfriend to take care of it. The actor, comedian and chronic inseminator is taking audiences on a road trip with his new series, “Nick Cannon’s Big Drive,” and Deco’s going along for the ride.

Nick Cannon: “This is going to be fun.”

Strap on your seat belts and gear up for a wild ride.

Nick Cannon: “I’m winning! I’m winning!”

Nick Cannon is jumping behind the wheel to host a new show all about cars. It’s a concept the car fanatic says was a long time coming.

Nick Cannon: “I came up really paying my way to Hollywood, working in an auto mechanic shop. It started in that space and learning how to just work on my own car. It was a hand-me-down car from my mom.”

But these cars are no hand-me-downs. The series, called “Nick Cannon’s Big Drive,” will feature exotic car events and a ton of one-on-one celebrity interviews.

Nick says it’s like a road trip with friends, which he likes to do in his downtime.

Snoop Dogg: “You know, when you get your first car, you pick up everybody. ‘What y’all doing?'”

Nick Cannon: “Everyone knows that Kevin Hart and I are, like, the biggest competitors and frenemies in the game. On the weekends, on Sundays, we’ll take some of our cars out and just drive up the coast.”

Best part about the show is, you don’t have to be a driving expert to enjoy.

Mike Tyson: “I hit somebody with a car, and he ran and caught me.”

Nick Cannon: “Everybody has their first car, their first date in a car, their first experience of, you know, taking their kids to school. I mean, some of the best quality time is, you know, kids ride shotgun. Like, is you see, a lot of my social media, I’m posting, you know, my kids singing in the background or me, you know, rapping to them.”

OK, Nick, let’s see a preview of what’s to come.

Nick Cannon: “Normally, if you’ve got one of these old schools, it takes a minute to crank over because they’re older cars, but it’s James Hetfield’s. I’m pretty sure one turn, and this thing’s gonna purr right up.”

“Nick Cannon’s Big Drive” starts streaming tomorrow on Tubi.

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