Get those aprons on, because the final challenge is here for “Next Level Chef.” The Season 2 finale is Thursday, and the kitchens are on fire.

Eighteen chefs started, but only three will compete. For this last episode, the mission is creating a fusion dish.

Gordon Ramsay: “There’s a quarter million dollars on the line.”

Yes, by tomorrow a “Next Level Chef” will go home with all that dough … and we mean cash, not cookie dough.

Chef Richard Blais: “You gotta earn it. This is not Next Level Cooking.”

The pressure is on in the two-hour-long Season 2 finale. The chefs that are left have to create a dish from each level of the kitchen.

Chef Richard Blais: “Got to impress with the presentation.”

Chef Richard Blais is one of the coaches, and even he’s on edge.

Chef Richard Blais: “I kind of know what’s happening, and I’m as a viewer at home, like, Oh, my God, there’s only three seconds. You got to grab something!”

His mentoring style comes from experience.

Chef Richard Blais: “For me as a coach and someone who like coaches, youth sports for my kids as well, like every athlete, every chef, they’re different. So, you know, some need inspiration and motivation, and some need, strategy and how to concept.”

Chef Gordon Ramsay: “We’re the team to beat.”

It’s certainly a kitchen knife battle between the three masters.

Chef Richard Blais: “There’s friendly competition amongst Nyesha, Gordon and myself, for sure. I mean, who doesn’t want to beat Gordon Ramsay, right? Like, that’s amazing. But I think, for me, it’s more the responsibility that I have for the chefs that I’m mentoring, right? Like, if they don’t do well, I take it personally myself.”

Taking the title of “Next Level Chef” comes with high pressure, but the money makes it a little easier.

Chef Richard Blais: “Someone’s going to win, and that’s amazing for the winner, but it’s the beginning of the competition for everyone else, including the winner, quite honestly. Like, the next round starts the day after the finale airs for everyone.”

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