(WSVN) - Good food is only part of a cool dining experience. People want to hang out in a place that they would want to remember. A new joint, Kao Bar & Grill in Broward, is offering just that. They’re putting diners outside the box and inside the container.

Dylan Burneo: “Kao Bar & Grill is an Argentinian and American fusion restaurant, and it’s the first container restaurant in Hallandale Beach.”

All these shipping containers were heading to the scrap heap, but they were getting new life at Kao.

Dylan Burneo: “All of these were going to be retired, and we fabricated about 10 or so, and we made a two-story salon, and we have a large spacious area between a double 40-foot container for our kitchen as well.”

Going the traditional brick-and-mortar route for the bar and grill was never an option.

Dylan Burneo: “We wanted to leave a mark as a brand to do something that’s more sustainable while bringing something new.”

They’re also bringing something quite tasty to the table with their fusion food.

Dylan Burneo: “So you take traditional rustic Argentinian dishes and you put American modernity onto it.”

There’s Argentinian art on the walls, and something just as artistic going on in the kitchen.

Dylan Burneo: “Argentinians excel at the grill, so you have a lot of savory cuts. There are really good prime choices of meat that we cook to perfection.”

The tomahawk steak fits that description perfectly. After the chef slices it up, he plates it with cherry tomatoes and a loaded baked potato.

There’s another delight from the homeland waiting, and that is the lomito.

Dylan Burneo: “What that is, is a steak sandwich with two fried eggs on a French baguette.”

The fusion factor really hits home when you order Argentinian pizza. An American favorite gets a South American spin.

Dylan Burneo: “And you also have some of those comfort foods that Argentina’s known for with an American twist.”

Break open an empanada for your BFFs. Or maybe just have some girl time over a couple of cocktails.

Dylan Burneo: “Yeah, so we have a full house cocktail menu, all special, all artisan drinks that we make here.”

At Kao Bar & Grill, it’s what’s going on inside the containers that counts.

Dylan Burneo: “It’s a new and different location, first one, like I said, built out of containers, and it’s a very true, authentic Argentinian experience that you’re gonna have that’s set in a modern time and place.”

Diner: “I think it’s really good, I think it’s really different.”

Kao Bar & Grill
11 NE 1st Ave.
Hallandale Beach, FL 33009

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