When it comes to comfort food, no place does it quite like Whitman’s in New York.

Now, the Big Apple staple is in Miami and bringing all it’s juicy goodness. I’m talking burgers, hot dogs, French fries, you know, good stuff.

At Whitman’s in Miami Beach, comfort food is taken to a new level.

Larry Kramer: “Whitman’s is a restaurant that was founded in 2010 in New York City, and now we’re opening here in Miami, and we think we can bring our elevated comfort food right to Miami.”

And it’s got all your favorites, like burgers, hot dogs, French fries, just way more delicious!

Larry Kramer: “We’re making every food, every meal, made to order for the person. It’s not fast food, it’s made for you. It’s fresh: the best ingredients used from New York to Miami, and people will love it!”

They’re even bringing their best burger yet, the Juicy Lucy burger. It can give “Bob’s Burgers” a run for his money!

Larry Kramer: “We’re known for our Juicy Lucy, which has cheese in the inside, which is house-made pimento cheese stuffed between two, three-ounce patties, and inside it creates a hot lava ball, once you eat it, and it’s served on a toasted sesame bun.”

I’m drooling just thinking about it!

Amy Muslin: “I had the ‘uicy Lucy.’ My favorite part about it was how cheesy it was, and how when you took a bite the cheese got all oozy-goozy. The meat was very fresh, and all the ingredients came together very nicely.”

Whitman’s has something for everyone, even you veggie lovers!

Larry Kramer: “We make a great house made veggie burger, salads, side brussel sprouts, shishito peppers. Anything that you want that’s plant based, we also serve.”

Eliana Litos: “I had the Beyond Burger and the kale and also the fries, and I really liked all of them. I liked that the fries were really crispy, so was the kale. I would definitely come back and for the food, especially the kale, that’s my favorite.”

Whether you love a good burger or a crunchy salad, Whitman’s is the place to be the next time you go out.

Larry Kramer: “We saw the opportunity to come down here during COVID just like many restaurants. They’re going to love the fresh food made to order for you, elevated comfort food, the best you can get. I haven’t seen anything like this down in Miami.”

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