The right outfit will get you anywhere, especially if you’re a high-ranking crime boss. In the movie “The Outfit,” a simple tailor gets caught up in some shady business. Take a look.

Mark Rylance stars as Leonard, a tailor with some interesting ties to the mob, and it’s his business that gets him sucked in to the crime world.

Mark might not have crime boss influence, but he did teach his co-stars a thing or two.

Zoey Deutch: “I learned so much from him, especially in that rehearsal process, and especially in the before-we-shoot, the after-we-shoot process, his rituals, his mentality about getting in and out of characters.”

The New York-born Dylan O’Brien turned to a Chicago-based source to learn his on-screen accent.

Dylan O’Brien: “I would listen to this crazy podcast called ‘The Chicago Accent podcast,’ which is just like these guys just laying into thick Chicago, which is really funny, and I thought there was something to that. First of all, would really crack me up, and it was just get me – I’d be listening to it as I read through my script sometimes, just because it’s like the furthest you’d ever go.”

Talk about getting in touch with the character. The story takes place in the 1920s, during Prohibition, when gangsters ran the streets of Chi-Town.

Zoey Deutch: “Period pieces are so fun to shoot, and then so much of that — the props and the costumes and the hair and the makeup — it really does a lot of the character work for you.”

“The Outfit” isn’t based on any one true story, but take a tip from the tailor: keep your lips sewn shut, if you know what’s good for ya.

“The Outfit” opens in theaters on Friday.

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