Let’s cut to the cheese. Good food is never too far away in Miami, and at Okeydokey, they’re not more than six feet away from each other. The new SoFlo hotspot is revamping food hall dining, with fresh new concepts and taking out the fighting over where to eat.

The food is more than OK at Okeydokey Miami.

Stephane Benkemoun: “Okeydokey is a multi-restaurant destination in Miami-Brickell, in a three-floor building, and we have six kitchens, and we combine the best of a regular food hall, meaning self-service and a full restaurant.”

Now, it may be a food hall, but don’t be fooled. You won’t be waiting in line to order.

Stephane Benkemoun: “From the beginning, you can stay at the table with your friends or with your family and just enjoy the experience.”

You can choose from any and all of their six restaurants with a QR code.

Say pasta la vista, baby to fighting over where to eat.

Stephane Benkemoun: “Our popular eats are the tuna tacos by Mac, the chicken rotisserie by Little Bird, and also the pomodoro burrata by Dal Plin.”

What’s food without a little drink?

Stephane Benkemoun: “Hottie with a Biscotti is our take on the espresso martini. Sun’s Out Buns Out is our Japanese old-fashioned. The Freshly Squeezed is a spiked strawberry lemonade.

Need to refuel on the coffee? Then Coffee Break will get you brew the day.

Stephane Benkemoun: “Okeydokey welcomes everyone from the morning, from your coffee, to a lunch or to a late cocktail with your friend.”

Sofia Bukele: “It’s a great concept. It’s unique in Miami. You can get anything you want here, so if you’re with friends or you’re with family, and you don’t know where to go, there’s something for everyone.”

Okeydokey Miami
268 SW 8th St.
Miami, Florida 33130

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