She is not Emily in Paris, she’s Emily in love. Emily Brontë’s life and love are on the table in a new movie about the famous author.

Character in “Emily”: “Emily, how did you write ‘Wuthering Heights?'”

It’s a story of love for Emily Brontë in the film “Emily.”

Oliver Jackson-Cohen (as William Weightman): “What do you want to do?”

Emma Mackey (as Emily Brontë): “Do you think I could be a writer?”

The story is a fictional version of the novelist’s relationship with churchman William Weightman.

Frances O’Connor: “The only invented piece, really — and we don’t know — is the relationship with William Weightman, but actually, so much in the film is actually historically accurate.”

Emma Mackey (as Emily Brontë): “Any man can speak, but what I want to know is can he can actually do.”

Oliver Jackson-Cohen (as William Weightman): “Do what?”

Taking on the role of Emily is “Sex Education” star Emma Mackey, who says she has a lot in common with the novelist.

Emma Mackey: “I love reading. I love reading books, I love music, I love languages. Those are very key elements of her life, key aspects of her life.”

Oliver Jackson-Cohen from “Mr. Malcolm’s List” plays Emma’s on-screen love interest. For him, living with the cast was rewarding.

Oliver Jackson-Cohen: “We all lived in a house together, and we shot up in Yorkshire, and that was just an incredible experience, the shooting of the movie.”

Oliver Jackson-Cohen (as William Weightman): “You’re supposed to be an artist, so be an artist.”

Sure, some fans will know how Emily’s story ends in real life, but the movie will have you wanting more drama from the Brontë siblings’ lives.

Character in “Emily”: “Who are you?”

Emma Mackey (as Emily Brontë): “You’ll wait and see.”

“Emily” opens in theaters on Friday.

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