Museums are cool. You can learn a lot from them no matter how old you are. They’re also a great place to party. A Fort Lauderdale museum is throwing its yearly shindig this Friday and Deco’s got all the delicious deets.

The museum of discovery and science is the place to be if you’re looking to have a good time for a good cause.

Joe Cox: “We are so excited it is our 26th annual Bank of America wine, spirits and culinary celebration.”

This is a night at the museum when everybody comes alive.

Joe Cox: “We’re gonna have 1500 people, we’re gonna have over 30 different restaurants wine, spirits, beer, we’ve got a spectacular beer garden out in our science park.”

Eat, drink and be happy.

You’re doing your part to keep the place’s dream alive.

Joe Cox: “The great thing about the whole thing is you’re supporting the museum and our mission of connecting people to inspiring science.”

You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to realize there’s nothing stuffy about this soiree.

Joe Cox: “There are no speeches, there are no presentations this really is about our guests coming to the museum at night and playing.”

The only goal is to have the best time possible.

Joe Cox: “It’s really a great event because it’s just absolutely casual. Come hang out with friends have drinks, have more drinks.”

How’s that for an invitation?

You get to check out the exhibits, while you’re sipping and munching the night away. It’s like a school trip for adults only.

Joe Cox: “We of course have 365 days of family-friendly events here at the museum but for the wine event this is definitely 21-plus.”

No doubt about it.

This event has staying power.

Joe Cox: “Year after year people come back they’re inviting friends their friends are inviting friends.”

After a quarter century of bringing people together, the celebration is still going strong.

Joe Cox:: “The unexpected is always possible. You never know what you’re gonna see, what you’re gonna eat, who you’re gonna meet.”

26th Annual Bank of America Wine, Spirits and Culinary Celebration

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