Billy Porter made a splash in Soflo this past weekend and not just on the beach.

The award-winning star of movies, TV, and Broadway, celebrated as an inspiration for living authentically. But we’re also always inspired by his fabulous wardrobe.

Billy Porter is, in one word, original.

Billy Porter (singing): “Baby, I empathize, I must admit. But I need you to recognize that that ain’t it.”

The out and proud Emmy, Tony, and Grammy award-winning actor, singer, director, and so on, honored at this Saturday’s diversity honors.

Speaker: “Billy Porter continues to give us Harvey milk-style hope.”

With the Harvey Milk Champion medal.

Billy Porter: “I’m humbled. I’m proud. I’m blessed.”

The event benefits the Harvey Milk Foundation and the Pride Center at Equality Park,

“Billy Porter: I was around for Harvey milk. Young, but around. The change came, and the change went. We have work to do.”

And is hosted by Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Hollywood.

Billy Porter: It’s moments and spaces like this where we can come together as a community and remind the world who we are.”

It recognizes people who are transforming lives by living authentically and advancing inclusiveness.

Billy Porter (singing) “Come on. You’re worthy worthy. You are… Yeah.”

The multi-talented star, who just dropped an album called black Mona Lisa…

Billy Porter (singing): “I’mma need ya to pay me more than gold. Black Mona Lisa.”

And starred alongside Luke Evans in the divorce drama, “Our Son.”

Luke Evans (as Nicky): “You’re destroying everything that we built together.

Billy Porter (as Gabriel): “You think this is what it means to be a father? I can’t even talk to you anymore.”

Luke Evans (as Nicky): “Good. There’s nothing to say.”

Is spending even more time in SoFlo.

Billy Porter: “It’s always sunny. I’m over the winter anywhere.”

Serving as grand marshal and headliner of Miami Beach Pride next month.

Billy Porter: See me, I’m doing a set! It’s going to be fabulous. It’s my new music, and I’m really excited about it. You know, it’s just blessing upon blessing upon blessing. And I want to stay in that space.”

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