Miami Beach had their big Pride event a while back, and now, it’s Wynwood’s turn! With A-list acts and great food and drink, what’s not to love?

We all know Wynwood for the graffiti, but this Friday and throughout the entire weekend, their fourth annual Pride festival is taking over.

Wynwood is proud!

Athena Dion: “People just feel really comfortable expressing themself in Wynwood.”

Of its graffiti? Yes, we know that but also the LGBTQ-plus community!

Athena Dion: “Pride is only about love. It’s about who you love and how you love. That’s it, that’s all we represent.”

And they’re celebrating with a three-day festival this weekend benefiting Equality Florida.

Jor-el Garcia: “We love everything they do.”

But if you’re all, wait a minute, wasn’t Miami Beach Pride, like, two months ago?

OK, but June is national Pride month, and four years ago, Wynwood stepped in.

Jor-el Garcia: “To give people some kind of June celebration, and that’s kind of where everything was born from.”

So, what you’re saying, Jorel, is it was…

Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way”: “Born this way! Born this way!”

Sorry, I had to.

Athena Dion: “That made me cry. It was so good! Haha.”

Athena Dion…

Athena Dion: “Queen Athena Dion, but you can call me Athena.”

Has been a queer pioneer here.

Athena Dion: “Sharing who you are with the world without fear of people hurting you or harassing you.”

And, at the formerly abandoned RC Cola Plant, which is so cool, even Stefon approves.

The party is going down this Friday and Saturday.

Jor-el Garcia: “We’re going until 3 a.m., until the late night, partying with our DJs and with our headliners.”

Friday, that headliner is Azealia Banks.

Jor-el Garcia: “Her music is such a big part of gay culture. She is on her A-game.”

And Saturday, it’s Marina of Marina and the Diamonds fame.

Jor-el Garcia: “She’s very electric. Her music and her message is all about unity and inclusivity.”

Plus meet-and-greets with RuPaul’s drag race stars Gottmik and Violet Chachki. But there’s more!

Jor-el Garcia: “Sunday is a Wynwood neighborhood takeover, so you’re going to see stuff happening everywhere.”

Mostly, love.

Athena Dion: “Meet some new people, open your heart.”

For More Info:
Wynwood Pride 2022
RC Cola Plant
550 NW 24th St
Miami, FL 33127
To Purchase Tickets, Click Here.

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