Tom Hanks is turning into Forrest Grump. In “A Man Called Otto,” Hanks isn’t his usual happy self, but here’s Deco’s Mr. Happy, Alex Miranda, to explain what turns Tom around.

Well, we have Mariana Treviño to thank in this movie. She’s able to turn his frown upside down — her and a cat.

Tom Hanks is so rude.

Alex Miranda: “Meanest guy ever, right? He’s awful! Terrible!”

Mariana Treviño: “Awful! We love him!”

Not in real life! The man’s practically a saint. Are you kidding me?

Robin Wright (as Jenny Curran): “Why are you so good to me?”

Tom Hanks (as Forrest Gump): “You’re my girl.”

No, I mean in the new movie “A Man Called Otto,” where he plays the neighborhood grump.

But can you blame the guy? Otto Anderson is a widower, but he meets his match in a quick-witted, pregnant woman named Marisol.

Mariana Treviño (as Marisol): “Are you always this unfriendly?”

Tom Hanks (as Otto Anderson): “I am not unfriendly.”

Mariana Treviño (as Marisol): “OK, you’re like a warm cuddle.”

Mariana Treviño: “Dar a luz, like it’s said in Spanish, which is a beautiful phrase because it means ‘to give light,’ when you have a child, and so this is what she literally comes to do to Otto’s life.”

Played by Mariana Treviño.

Mariana Treviño (as Marisol): “How was it?”

Christiana Montoya (as Luna): “You did a good job. You should pat yourself on the back.”

Marisol, her husband and their two daughters move in across the street, but break stuff immediately.

Alex Miranda: “Are you a good parallel parker?”

Mariana Treviño: “I’m similar to Marisol in that aspect, because I learned when I was 30. I’m not going to say when that was.”

And she assures me she’s not a danger on the roads today.

Mariana Treviño: “But I became really good. That’s what I think.”

It all leads to to an unlikely friendship.

Mariana Treviño (as Marisol): “My father used to smile like that.”

Tom Hanks (as Otto Anderson): “I’m not smiling.”

Mariana Treviño (as Marisol): “Exactly.”

Alex Miranda: “I love grumpy people. I love introverts. I love people that I have to get in there and crack. People like Otto need people like Marisol, right?”

And vice versa.

Mariana Treviño: “Yeah, I also identify with Otto in that sense. Well, she’s coming from another country. It takes some bravery and some, like [hand gesture], ‘Let me get in this spot.’ She’s just very open.”

And that kindness turns his whole world upside down, a world where…

Mariana Treviño: “‘If you don’t serve a purpose to me, if you don’t give me something, you don’t have a place in my life. If you’re getting older, you’re not good for society anymore, so scoot over no matter how much experience you have.'”

Alex Miranda: “This man is suffering, and he’s dealing with so much more than people realize on the surface.”

Mariana Treviño: “And one lovely thing about Marisol and Otto is that they don’t really need anything. There’s no interest but the interest of, ‘Are you OK?'”

Oh, and cat people, you’ll like this one, too.

Tom Hanks (as Otto Anderson): “Oh, no, no. You are not taking over my bed.”

“A Man Called Otto” is out in theaters in limited release and goes into wide release on Thursday.

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