The rhythm is gonna get you this weekend.

We’ve got a music festival where the best percussionists are coming together and drumming together.

There’s gonna be a lot of “pa rum, pum, pum, pumming” on Christmas Day, thanks to these little drummer boys and girls.

Modern Drummer Festival is an online showcase for some of the world’s greatest drummers.

Thom Mozloom (rhythm is gonna get ya): “It is a collection of more than 40 artists performing across three continents.”

The annual festival is the brainchild of “Modern Drummer Magazine,” so you know there’s gonna be some serious pounding going on.   

Thom Mozloom: “You’re gonna see teenagers to old men, women, men, black, white, brown, and every flavor of the rainbow, every style of the music that you could possibly think of, it’s all here.”

You’ll hear the sound of big band music, feel the power of jazz, ride the rhythm of rock and roll and bang your head to heavy metal.

The festival attracts the best in the business including Sheila E., Stewart Copeland of the Police and Nicko McBrain from Iron Maiden.

Nicko invited Deco up to his Coral Springs restaurant, Rock and Roll Ribs, to talk about the festival, and speaking of invitations.

Nicko McBrain (invitation accepted): “Us crazy drummers all get together, who have been invited, by the way. You can’t just turn up and play, you have to be invited. This year’s festival I was invited to contribute.”

He’s pumped to be part of the festival and thinks everyone who checks it out will be satisfied.

Nicko McBrain: “It’s gonna be educational, it’s gonna be fun and it’s a celebration of drumming.”

Nicko’s got one last thing to say on behalf of drummers everywhere.

Nicko McBrain: “If you haven’t got a drummer, you’re a folk band. No disrespect for folk music whatsoever by the way, boys and girls.”

The 2021 Modern Drummer Festival goes down Saturday, on Christmas Day. The banging begins at 7 p.m.

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