(WSVN) - When you think of South Florida, you think of beautiful people and sexy beaches. So it’s only natural that the 305 hosts an annual model volleyball tournament on the beach. The competitors in this year’s event dished to Deco before the competition heats up this weekend.




Model volleyball is back for year eight.

Chris Maher, got his game face on: “Model Volleyball. The two words in Miami just go hand in hand.”

Models from across the country are flocking to the 305 for Hawkers Model Volleyball — a two-day tournament on Eighth and Ocean.

Megan Burgin, calling all models: “We have 15 agencies participating this year, all different agencies, and they’re all gonna compete — first day all against each other, and second day will be elimination.”

The event is free to the public, offers a VIP area and is all for a good cause.

Megan Burgin, calling all models: “We have a charity partner, The Jack Brewer Foundation, which goes to Haiti in impoverished areas. Also we get to take our winning team to Haiti with us on a charity relief trip, which is really rewarding and exciting for us all.”

Some of those ready for competition are first-timers.

Chris Maher: “This is my first time in model volleyball. I’m pretty excited.”

Others are veterans.

Andre Brunelli: “Last year I got lucky. I was able to be captain, and we lost in the semi-finals.”

But it’s time for these beautiful people to put their months of hardcore training aside … and get fitted in their uniforms.

Hallie Uhrig: “It’s so exciting to be in it, be in the uniform now, be in Miami.”

And these uniforms are as sexy as they are practical.

Hallie Uhrig: “Oh, it’s great. It’s so comfy. I love it, and the patterns are adorable. I’m living for it right now.”

They may be the pretty people, but these models aren’t playing around.

Andre Brunelli: “This year we’re looking to use some of the same game plans that we had, but definitely tweak some stuff to get that win that we just missed out. Olympics trials are, what, a month a way?”

Model Volleyball
March 11-12
429 Lenox Ave, Suite #451
Miami Beach, FL 33139

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