If you feel like you can investigate anything online. Well, you might be right. In a chilling new movie, one daughter turns to the best tool she’s got: the internet, to find her missing mother.

If you ever saw that Netflix documentary “Don’t Mess With Cats,” This movie is kinda like “Don’t Mess With Moms.” Nia Long and Storm Reid star in a daughter turns detective story where nothing is quite as it seems.

Storm Reid is missing much more than just her keys.

Storm Reid: “I hate misplacing stuff. It’s my biggest pet peeve.”

In the stand alone sequel to the breakout hit “Searching” storm plays June.

Storm Reid: “Who is stubborn, who butts heads with her mom, and you know, she wants to be around her friends.”

But who’s also looking for answers after her mother, that’s Nia Long’s character disappears.

Now, it all starts out innocent enough.

Nia Long: “Grace is a single mom getting back into the dating scene.”

We love that for her, so she goes on vacation to Colombia with new boyfriend Kevin, who Ken Leung plays. But doesn’t this sound like a red flag to you?

Nia Long: “He seems really nice. Then, he doesn’t seem really nice. Then, he seems really nice again.”

Um, huh? Well, now mom is gone, while June is stuck in Los Angeles, so before it’s too late, the teen gets creative, turning to technology to try and find her.

Storm Reid: “When people are watching it, they’re going to know all the applications she’s using, and that’s only going to make it even more exciting.”

Nia Long: “I don’t even consider myself a tech savvy person or a nerd in that way. I wish I had that, and I think, like, this film will make you feel like you can do anything with technology.”

Oh, but there’s one more thing.

Storm Reid: “She has some rude awakenings along the journey.”

The more she digs, the more she finds, and maybe Mommy has more to her story.

Nia Long: “A lot of secrets. Every family has a secret. Our family has a big secret.”

We know June is an amateur investigator, but how about real life Nia?

Nia Long: “Oh, no. I could find my way out of anything, honey. I’m from Brooklyn.”

Alex Miranda: “Haha, yes.”

Nia Long: “That’s street savvy. That has nothing to do with technology.”

And her top tip for digging up good dirt…

Nia Long: “I learned a lot from this film, like if you know what questions to ask, you can find anything out.”

“Missing” hits theaters Thursday.

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