Miranda Lambert’s pretty much got it all: a great career as a singer and songwriter, not to mention her Las Vegas residency happening soon and winning American Country Music Awards’ entertainer of the year.

But she’s got one more thing to celebrate — her new album “Palomino,” coming out this Friday — and she’s giving Deco the deets.

Miranda Lambert takes fans on a journey with her new album “Palomino.”

Miranda Lambert: “We go all the way from the East Coast to the West Coast on this record and meet all these characters through our road trip, and we started writing for it in 2020, when we couldn’t travel and we wanted to, and so, I think that definitely is a theme in this record for a reason.”

She’s bringing the new tunes to her Vegas residency, “Velvet Rodeo.” With new songs come new stories.

Miranda Lambert: “I think I have and always will just write about, like, life or stories about other people’s life that I’m just watching and observing. I mean, Loretta [Lynn] said it best: ‘You have to go live a life to have something to write about.’ So I really take from people around me, or my travels, or my whatever’s going on in my personal life, I’ve always just sort of let that be where it starts.”

The album is also Miranda’s first as a producer, which comes after her win as ACM entertainer of the year.

Miranda Lambert: “I kind of gave up on counting on entertainer, because females win so few and far between, and not to say, like, everyone that wins deserves it, obviously, but to me, it’s always meant like more than how many tickets you sell or how many dates you do. It means, like, how are you representing country music, and how you’re expanding your brand across country music and to the fans?”

You better expect her to live up to that title, too.

Miranda Lambert: “I put out two records last year, ‘Palomino’ coming out, and going on tour with Little Big Town again, which is my favorite, and then Vegas, and so I feel like I’m going to live up to what ‘entertainer’ means to me.”

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