There are plenty of places to chow down in Coconut Grove. Deco’s found a brand-new spot that we think you’ll love. It might be small, but the Japanese cuisine is big on authentic taste.

Midorie is a tiny slice of Japanese food heaven tucked away in the middle of Coconut Grove.

Alvaro Perez Miranda: “We want to be as authentic as we can with our Japanese concept.”

Your search for a true Far Eastern dining experience is over. They’re serious about making your meal.

Alvaro Perez Miranda: “Our food is based on three principles: komakai, which is attention to detail; omotenashi, which is the Japanese hospitality; and sensai, which is the delicate taste of the food.”

When you combine those principles with a commitment to top-shelf ingredients and a bottom line dedicated to customer satisfaction, you get a place that’s the real deal.

Alvaro Perez Miranda: “Also, the quality — we bring our fish fresh from Japan — and we do no more than 60 people a day in the restaurant. We are quality versus quantity.”

With only three outdoor tables and an intimate sushi bar inside, Midorie is a cool getaway from the city crowds. You become a part of the family.

Alvaro Perez Miranda: “It is a very personal experience, because we want to learn our customers’ names, get to know the people that we serve, so we can give a better experience.”

From house-special bowls with salmon, seaweed and edamame, to big-time sushi platters, you are not going to go hungry here.

And, by the way, the food isn’t the only memorable thing.

Alvaro Perez Miranda: “Well, I’m also an art dealer, so art is a very, very important component. We commissioned 400 ceramic fishes to be as an installation on the wall.”

There are paintings and other works on display, so whether it’s on the wall or on your plate, it’s always considered art at Midorie.

Alvaro Perez Miranda: “Everything has to be in harmony.”

Daniel Alsonso: “When I’m here at Midorie, I’m not only eating the freshest, the cleanest and the less-processed food possible, but it brings me a sense of happiness.”

Midorie Miami
3444 Main Highway
Coconut Grove, FL 33133

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