Being a queen means more than just wearing a crown. It is also a way of life — or at least that’s what Queen K tells us. Deco visited the star’s queendom to find out more about her.

Queen K: “Q-U double E-N, I’m a queen, I was bound to win.”

Winning is the only thing on Queen K’s mind.

Queen K: “Believe in yourself like the world has never seen.”

The Miami native sat down to tell us what being a queen means to her.

Queen K: “It’s about who you are and what you believe in. Not saying it to be cocky, but I’m just very confident in who I am.”

That confidence has led the young entertainer to be noticed by some heavyweights in the music industry.

Queen K: “Jamie Foxx, Flavor Flav, Master P, for them cosigning me feels like I’m a legend in the making.”

And legends are no one-trick pony.

Queen K: “Queen K is the hip hop entertainer — she performs, she raps, she sings, she gets down, period.”

Queen K: “Every young black queen got to have a dream. Dream big like Dr. Martin Luther King.”

The rising star says her latest single, “Black Queen,” is an ode to her family’s heritage.

Queen K: “First and foremost, I’m growing up in a house with five girls. So my mom and dad are only raising queens, and my family is royalty. So ‘Black Queen’ was only right for me to write and sing about.”

So, Queen K, what black queen MCs do you look up to?

Queen K: “Queen Latifah, Nicki Minaj, MC Lyte, and Yo-Yo. The way they spit bars on the mic is legendary.”

And what about Trina? The Queen of the 305.

Queen K: “We have a very great relationship, we made a connection through music, and she just mentors me, and I love her for that.”

Now the young star is looking to mentor others.

Queen K: “I’m the CEO of my own record label, Business Mind Music Group, and our goal is to promote positive reinforcement and self-confidence throughout the music industry.”

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