Oh, thank goodness, it’s finally here. “M3GAN,” the new horror movie about a little evil robot who dances as well as she kills, hit theaters Friday, after social media went crazy for the dance in its trailer.

Yes, M3GAN is a doll, but she is not here to play, honey. She’s here to slay, especially on the dance floor, so I asked Miami’s very own dancing doll, Juicy Love Dion, to show all of us how to get her killer viral moves.

It’s less Cabbage Patch doll, more Chucky.

“M3GAN,” about an artificially intelligent doll that takes care of an orphaned 8-year-old, is playing in theaters now.

She may be a killing machine, but just admit it: she’s fabulous.

Juicy Love Dion: “It’s so silly to see a robotic doll get so loose with it.”

So much so, M3G’S moves have taken over TikTok.

And to learn them, I met up at Arlo Wynwood with Juicy Love, Miami’s Afro-Cuban dancing doll.

Juicy Love Dion: “Exploring drag, I’ve always been obsessed with Bratz dolls and Barbie dolls, so I thought it just fit.”

Well, that and…

Juicy Love Dion: “The head is big. It just works. It works. Seeing a doll so fierce doing a TikTok dance, I think is so perfect, especially for the times.”

Step one? Easy.

Juicy Love Dion: “You’re doing a body roll, to the right.”

Now your best Naomi Campbell.

Juicy Love Dion: “We’re gonna give Naomi. We’re gonna channel Iman.”

Then, this?

Alex Miranda: “So, sway, close.”

And finally, you betta work. Can we talk about that flip?

Juicy Love Dion: “My coaches in high school taught me everything to be the diva that I am.”

She’s so good, it’s almost like she is a M3GAN.

Alex Miranda: “Oh, my god, Juicy. That was so much fun. Thanks so much for the…”

Juicy Love Dion (lip syncing M3GAN): “I thought we were having a conversation. You should probably run.”

Alex Miranda: “Juicy, turn off.”

Juicy Love Dion: “Recalibrating response model.”

Wait a minute, what if I fight her back with another viral dance, the Wednesdays Addams?

Works every time.

Watch “M3GAN” in theaters now … and I mean that: watch her.

You can catch Juicy love performing at R House in Wynwood Friday nights this month, and if you’re lucky, during their weekend brunches.

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