For centuries, women around the globe have carried purses to hold all their important junk. Now men are hopping on the trend, all in the name of fashion. Alex Miranda is here with all the deets of the “murse.” What’s up, Alex?

I’m not gonna lie, I have always been jealous of the practicality of purses. Although I know I would lose mine in a week, but “murses” are becoming more of a thing. Maybe I’ll just stock a closet full of them.

Indiana Jones was ahead of the curve when it came to man purses.

Matt LeBlanc (as Joey Tribbiani): “From now on, you guys are going to have to get used to the fact that Joey comes with a bag.”

So was Joey Tribbiani. He wore a “murse” on the hit show “Friends.”

Matt LeBlanc (as Joey Tribbiani): “It’s practical, too. Check it out. It has compartments for all your stuff.”

Now it’s a trend that celebs like Jacob Elordi, LeBron James and David Beckham have all followed.

Jacob Elordi: “I have too many tote bags.”

To get more of an insight on this uptick in men’s fashion, we stopped by Gaucho Buenos Aries in Miami’s Design District to take a look at their bags.

Matias Mazza: “We have this new collection; it’s the travel collection. What we like to do with Gaucho is bring people these high-quality items at an affordable price.”

And with this new collection, men’s fashion was top of mind.

Matias Mazza: “Women always get these cool accessories, but we don’t get anything. And I think the cross-body bag, or these ‘murses,’ came out of nowhere, just because we like to hold a lot of things, too.”

From tote bags to book bags, men just can’t seem to get enough.

Matias Mazza: “It comes down to accessibility. I think everyone wants to be comfortable, and I think fashion is about expressing yourself and also being comfortable.”

Comfortable isn’t the only perk to these bags; they’re also versatile.

Matias Mazza: “They are useful for anything. You can go abroad, you can go to the beach, you can go on a business trip, you can do whatever you want.”

Though their “murses” are all the rage, Gaucho has other items flying off the shelves.

Matias Mazza: “The great thing about us is that, yes, we do carry bags, and we focus heavily on accessories, but we also so give some fashion as well. We have ponchos, we have some sweaters, we have some cool bucket hats, that’s also a new trend, too.”

Jerry Seinfeld (as Jerry Seinfeld): “Hey, officer, someone took my European carry-on.”

Officer: “Your what?

Jerry Seinfeld (as Jerry Seinfeld): “The black leather thing with a strap.”

Officer: “You mean a purse?”

Jerry Seinfeld (as Jerry Seinfeld): “Yes, a purse. I carry a purse.”

Gaucho Buenos Aires
112 NE 41st St., Suite #106
Miami, FL 33137

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