Fox gets the entertainment business. They know it’s all about nepotism. That’s why their new game show, called “We Are Family,” centers around who you’re related to and figuring it out. Deco talked to a SoFlo sleuth who’s actually taking a crack at the guessing game.

Anthony Anderson: “Mama, are you ready?”

Doris Bowman: “I didn’t get all dressed up for nothing!”

Anthony Anderson and his mom, Doris Bowman, are the hosts of Fox’s newest music-centric game show called “We Are Family.”

Anthony Anderson: “Our Fox show is a guessing game that’s all relative.”

Relative being the operative word. Anthony and his mom are putting 100 contestants to the test, challenging them to guess which celebrity is related to the performer on the stage.

Jaidi Ventura: “I know exactly who she’s related to. She’s related to Pitbull!”

Miami native Jaidi Ventura is a contestant on the show. We met up with her at “Sofia’s” in Miami’s Design District to find out just what we can expect.

Jaidi Ventura: “It was so hard, because there are all kinds of celebrities — we have athletes, we have actors, we have musicians — so I have to go through all of my trivia history in my brain and kind of rake through who could this be.”

Jaidi does not have to rely on solely her brain power, though. Each contestant is given clues to help them guess.

Jaidi Ventura: “A certain celebrity that just came out was actually Michelle Williams, who is in the famous Destiny Child, and some of her clues were things like a little pirate chest because they did ‘Survivor’ and sing the super famous song.”

Other celebrity guests revealed so far include Cam Newton, Terrell Owens, Kyle Richards and JoJo Siwa.

Jojo Siwa: “I am so stoked to be here at ‘We Are Family!'”

There are three rounds, and the clues get a little trickier each time. But Jaidi came prepared.

Jaidi Ventura: “I keep up with all the social media accounts. So I’m pretty well-versed in celebrity gossip.”

And who knows? We could be looking at the next winner of “We Are Family.”

Jaidi Ventura: “I can’t say yet, because the season is not over, but we don’t know. Let’s see!”

Anthony Anderson: “Hopefully my mama doesn’t sing.”

Doris Bowman: “Honey, talent runs in our family.”

Anthony Anderson: “Too bad you walk.”

Anthony Anderson: “You got it right!”

Anthony Anderson: “‘We Are Family,’ only on Fox.”

Catch a new episode of “We Are Family” on Wednesday nights at 9 p.m., only on 7.

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