Coming of age in this world could be a beautiful thing, especially if your energy is positive. This is so true, Yung Wylin is all about positivity. We caught up with the rising star at the Plum House Miami Recording studio to talk about his new single “Good Energy”.

A young 24-year-old Miami star is on the rise.

His name is Yung Wylin, and he wants his music to spread good energy.

Yung Wylin: “I usually do rap and hip-hop, but I wanted to create something that expressed good energy.”

Yung says he’s on a spiritual journey and hopes his songs channel positivity.

His new single has an Afro beats vibe, which is all the rage these days thanks to Burna Boy.

Now, viral dance trends are popping up and “Good Energy” is catching some moves.

Yung Wylin: “You know you have real precussions, real drums versus 808 drums and synthetic drums, so it’s more a natural vibe, and it makes you want to dance more and express yourself.”

Dancing and performing on stage are on his resume, but Yung Wylin says he wants to give his fans something more.

Yung Wylin: “I’m becoming more of a concious rapper. Not just following trends but following my purpose. I just see myself being in a place that I wished to be at five years ago. I give credit to all the meditation.”

You can find Yung Wylin’s new single on Spotify, YouTube and Apple Music.

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