Bees, bees, bees — they help make the world go ’round. But with their numbers on the decline, our future doesn’t look so sweet.

That’s where the Miami Bee Experts come in. They can teach you how to become a beekeeper and an ecosystem hero at the same time. Deco’s Alex Miranda is buzzing about the story.

They will give you bees, or they will take your bees away. No matter what, the Miami Bee Experts do it ethically, because they love these little workers almost as much as I love Beyoncé.

In the music world, Beyoncé is queen bee, but the queen of this beehive…

Stephanie Smith: “He can’t possibly sting you.”

Alex Miranda: “Can you guarantee that?”

Stephanie Smith: “I promise.”

…has no idea who she is.

Stephanie Smith: “This is honey.”

Alex Miranda: “Is that the queen, or is she sort of like voluptuous?”

Queen Bubble Bee is her own boss babe and too busy for Bey.

Stephanie Smith: “The queen is laying about 1,200 eggs a day. She’s working just as hard as the worker bees.”

Alex Miranda: “A day?!”

Stephanie Smith: “A day.”

For five years! So don’t call her a diva when she gets a little bit, you know, testy.

Stephanie Smith: “There’s a hum that gets louder.”

Stephanie is co-founder of Miami Bee Experts.

Stephanie Smith: “My body automatically defaulted into this Zen, and that’s really when I fell in love with them.”

She says bees are the bee’s knees…

Stephanie Smith: “They’re actually measuring how much space they have.”

Alex Miranda: “Do they get vacation time?”

…and should bee treated as such.

Stephanie Smith: “So that they can make honey and pollinate plants.”

Alex Miranda: “Wow.”

Because without them, we’ve got a problem.

Stephanie Smith: “They pollinate two-thirds of our food. so they pollinate apples, coffee…”

Coffee? That’s all I needed to hear.

Alex Miranda: “When you look at them up close, they’re fuzzy.”

Stephanie Smith: “They’re adorable!”

And with numbers dwindling, beekeepers are helping to keep our ecosystem alive.

Stephanie Smith: “Anybody really who has an interest in building a relationship with their environment.”

Like Jordan.

Jordan Hernandez: “Michael and Stephanie have helped me set up a hive in my own yard.”

And they’ll show you, too.

Jordan Hernandez: “You can be as hands-on as you want, but sometimes letting them do their thing is best.”

And me, because I need a hobby.

But they won’t just teach you how to save the planet. They’ll also remove any unwanted guests…

Michael Haley: “This probably formed in the morning.”

Alex Miranda: “Today?”

Michael Haley: “Today.”

…buzzing around your backyard.

Alex Miranda: “What would be your guess?”

Michael Haley: “Two, three thousand bees.”

Stephanie Smith: “We do ethical, pesticide-free removals, bring the bees home, rehabilitate them, supplement their health and use them to produce honey.”

Which they sell … but can student surpass masters? I taste-tested each of their latest batches to find out.

Not yet.

Alex Miranda: “Michael, come on down!”

Michael Haley: “Yeah!”

For more info on Miami Bee Experts, click here.

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