In today’s economy, flying to the Middle East is just too expensive without a stolen credit card. Good thing SoFlo peeps can taste the Middle East without the expense of a plane, or the headache of fraud charges. “Where can I find this culinary oasis?” I think I just heard someone ask. Well, I’ll show you where!

Wednesdays at Villa Azur are unlike any other night.

No, it’s not because of the dress code. The Miami Beach restaurant is taking your palate on a tasting tour of the Middle East. Thanks to its new weekly dining experience, “Nomad.”

Vincent Catala: “It’s Middle Eastern foods, influence types, with a lot of entertainment.”

Hope you wore party clothes, because you’re going to need them.

Vincent Catala: “We have a special DJ, we’re going to have belly dancers, a person coming making like a tattoo with henna. Everything is about making the guest special.”

It’s also about the food!

Vincent Catala: “We have two different menus. We have the regular menu for Villa Azur and on Wednesday we have the menu special “Nomads”

Feast your eyes on this.

Vincent Catala: “It’s called shakshouka witch is actually a mix of peppers, spices, tomatoes, onions”

Hmmm, delicious it is. But with all that spice, you’re going to need a special drink to wash it down.

Vincent Catala: “For nomads, we do a couple of special drinks. One is called Genie in the Bottle”

When you rub on this glass, the only wish you will want is for another round!

Vincent Catala: “You can pretty much have any mixed drink because we have a beautiful bar team”

While a fun night out is the goal of “Nomad,” Villa Azur wants you to know there is much more to it.

Vincent Catala: “It’s not only a party. It’s about an experience. It’s not trying to make a new party or a new day for a party. It’s just to elevate and tell the guest what we can offer”

And the guests are loving it.

Ginger Harris: “This is such a great night out. We are celebrating different cultures through food, music, dancing. What’s not to love about that.”

Vincent Catala: “Come to the villa, you going to have good food, good type of music, good quality of service.”

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